Midnight Answers

Do you suppose there is a forever for us?

You know you’re asking the wrong person for something like this.

Probably, but don’t you still wonder about it at all?

She gave me one quizzical look on her face before answering “No I don’t.”

Why do you think about something like that all the time?

Maybe because I’ve always wondered if there is a happy ending in all this.

Well, I might not be able to show you a forever, but I will show you how today ends.

She pulled herself closer to me, hugged me tight and fell asleep on my chest. As I lay there in darkness listening to her breathe, I though as I drifted off into the land of dreamscapes. If forever is going to be like this one night at a time. Maybe some questions don’t have to be asked at all.

2 thoughts on “Midnight Answers

  1. To some love is hurtful, to others love is cheerful, some say love is love, some think love is like a dove, is beautiful and caring, some say love is just daring, love is also like a book, you can’t judge by it’s look. Love is just there, I think it shows how you care, it’s not there to stare, love is incredible although it’s no edible, love is what most want they never know it will haunt, what happens when it’s over, does your heart split in three like a clover, next time you ask yourself what is love? Will you think it ‘s like a glove ready to pull your heart out, it will make you pout, love is something hiding it’s waiting to attack, so you better have a comeback.

    As for me it was something I was searching for. It was something I had found. It was something I lost and it knocked me to the ground. If it’s really meant to be, then it will always last. If it isn’t meant to be, then it leaves pretty fast. It makes you get lost, yet it helps you find your way. It makes you get tounge tied but helps you find the words to say. It gives you butterflies,hurt you? It may. But when it’s there it keeps you smiling each and every day.

    It brings hope and it brings fear. But you are never afraid when that special one is near. When it’s gone, you’ll feel pain. But learning to love has just been gained. It’s about giving your heart without a single doubt. You’re there from start to end…that’s what love is about to me.

  2. Words aren’t necessarily the answers.

    Nor can words represent the answers even if they want to.

    Actions speak louder than words.


    All the best.

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