No Sacrifice No Relationship

There is no compromise in love, there is only sacrifice. While others may say that mutual sacrifice is equivalent to a compromise, that’s not without realising that for two lives to come together, some things that make us the individuals we are, have to go. To throw away the things that make up some part of ourselves for something more, that itself is a sacrifice.

Yet that is the inherent nature of it all. Sacrifice is a part of a relationship we cannot do without. Far too few people understand that for relationships are not about satisfying the need of a single person anymore. We often echo in our failed love “what have they done for me?”, a testament to a selfishness that shatters a relationship.

Far too few people still, are willing to put their wants aside to do what needs to be done for a future to be built for two. Too often do we take the easy way out to avoid the coming hardship, believing that it’s always for the better, never realising it’s just convenient for ourselves, never for the other, never for one another. It’s a mistake we always make in the hopes that something good will come out of it, but it never does, our desires for the moment blinding us to the heartbreak to come.

So we make that sacrifice. I am where I am. She does what she would do. Each of us stepping outside our comfort zones to an unknown we have to face, ourselves, for the sake of one another. While there was a time when fear would stop us from taking those steps, that time is no more. Even if that fear is still there, even if that journey lies buried in hardship, we will make those sacrifices. For her to never stop smiling. For me to reach for the endless sky.

There is no more compromise. There is only what we’re willing to give up for a future we are willing to see happen. After all, such is love. A knife’s edge of enduring pain and eternal bliss.

5 thoughts on “No Sacrifice No Relationship

  1. I gotta agree with what you say now. Love gotta comes with sacrifice….. i have my stories as well and almost the same. No worries, things gonna come on well pretty soon.

  2. I agree with you…i felt unhappy today after a chat with a friend ! In some way is about the level of sacrifices.

  3. JustinKC: Things always work themselves out whether you want to or not. Don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine in the end no matter what happens.

    True Love: Friendships are have almost no difference from love. The only thing that differs with true friendship is the level you’re willing to go for the people you’re with. Love undoubtedly goes all the way.

  4. i couldnt agree more..sacrifices should come from within oneself ive learnt…cant ask for them…
    two people are rarely perfect for eachother…they have to make themselves perfect for eachother…plenty of sacrifices must be made for a successful relationship…its what people overlook nowadays…they arent willing to change because theyre worried about their own interests only…they dont see what difference it can make in the long run…even if things feel uncomfortable in the present, as long as love is there things will turn out fine…even the small sacrifices make huge differences…
    people change in love…everyone knows that…but ya…it must stay within some limits…within the comfort level of both…

  5. yeah, to build or maintain a relationship sacrifice is a must, but we can never calculate how much we have sacrifice for one another it makes things worst

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