Perfect Moments

I was awoken by the hint of light shining through the venetian blinds in her room. The air was so cold that even inside I could see my cold misty breath as I lay there huddled under the blanket with my arms wrapped around her. You would have thought that it was in the wee hours of the morning, but I was wrong.

It was already 9am.

Still, it was a Saturday morning and after what we’ve been through in the week before this, I think we needed to sleep in. After all, there was going to be something on tonight and I don’t think we would want to feel tired for that. Warm maybe, but certainly not exausted. After all, if you can’t find the time to unwind, what the hell is the weekend for?

She stirred ever so slightly, her back shifting as she turned to face me.

“Good morning.” She cooed, as she wrapped her arms around my back drawing me closer, if not to feel comforted and secure by the fact I was there, then at least to keep warm despite the thick blanket around us. Let it not be said that she isn’t the most practical of girls.

I could only smile, unable to find the simple words to reply her morning greeting. I wasn’t much of a morning person to begin with and it shows. She lay there holding me tight, watching me watch her with the creeping sunlight dancing over her eyes making them look pale brown. You can’t blame me for not saying a word. Anyone can get lost in eyes like that.

“We need to get up.” I finally managed to put the words properly off my head.

“It’s Saturday, I don’t bloody feel like getting up” Her arms tightening around me emphasizing her point. She always had her charming way of saying things. It gets the message accross.

“Then what are you going to do? Lay here like this till tonight?”

“Well, it’s not like I’m not alone. At least I can have something to munch on when I get hungry.”

She had a point. I doubt I wanted to leave the bed as much as she did. The moment was perfect and that’s all we ever really need. Would any of us leave a perfect moment? Could any one of us do that? Well…I certainly didn’t.

We finally got up 3 hours later. Half a day gone and we haven’t even started anything yet, but we had our perfect moment and there was little doubt in my mind that there will be plenty more of that to come. How can that be a day to waste?

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