She Knows

“I’m disappointed in you”

“You are?”

“Yes! After all, she’ll never do it again and I never got to see it!! You could have at least given me some warning.”

“It was out of the blue and you already went to bed!”

Maybe some guilty pleasures have no reason to feel guilty after all. Some things are never meant to follow through unless you knew it was alright. You can’t appreciate who you’re with until you appreciate how far they let you go.

2 thoughts on “She Knows

  1. But doesn’t the fact that it was a guilty pleasure makes it more intense? Surely having the ‘blessing’ takes the edge away from it.

  2. Not this. It wasn’t a moment savoured with guilty pleasure. The intensity was always from the curiosity and frustration. The “blessing” makes moments like this worth living without regret.

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