Simple Mornings Of Bliss

The morning echoed with the gentle humming of the air conditioning and the steady drizzle of rain hitting the tiled roof. I cracked my eyes open and I shifted slightly to the left of the bed, my arm trapped underneath the head of another person who was already wide awake, staring at me intently as she always did so many months ago, so many thousand miles away.

“Good morning.” She whispered softly as if unsure whether I was awake or not.

My only response was the incoherent mumble of words that normally follows the state of my mind in the early mornings.

As my eyes slowly wandered in its groggy state, thoughts began to slowly filter through. The warmth of her body pressed close to mine. The citrus scent of her skin I’ve missed over the months. The sight of her quiet smirk as it slowly broke into the Cheshire Cat of a grin I always loved.

So I leaned in forward and gave her a kiss.

It doesn’t take morning coffee to realise how perfect a morning like this is.

7 thoughts on “Simple Mornings Of Bliss

  1. this post sounds like what the guys are really thinking when they wake up to their ladies, but are afraid of giving voice to. 🙂 Don’t just write it here, Edrei. Make sure you let say it to Mel. I’m sure she’s got that connection to understand what you’re feeling and you probably don’t need to tell her, but still. 🙂

  2. Naoko: That leads to a wonderful day.

    Pelf: Nothing says “I love you” like getting a whiff of morning breath and still snuggling in closer.

    Jane: Of course I do tell Mel. Though it’s not in the mornings because I will be largely incoherent and she knows this. That’s usually why I show it through her by action and tell her the rest of it throughout the day and especially at night when I’m more in my elements. Of course at night, it’s her turn to be largely incoherent. Which is cute as well since she can’t usually say anything but show me. It’s a “my turn, your turn” thing.

  3. Cléa: I’m home, well at least my definition of what home is for me.

    And I can’t possibly do without my morning dose of caffeine, no matter how perfect the morning starts. 🙂

  4. “Nothing says “I love you” like getting a whiff of morning breath and still snuggling in closer”

    That is so true 😉

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