8 thoughts on “The Call

  1. I assume “her” refers to the Penguin? Or Sarah the laptop? Is the laptop still called Sarah?

  2. hahaha…edrei…..edrei…..now continue hugging her and mel will definitely stay longer in sydney 😛

  3. ChickyBabe: You know temptation just happens to be part of this life here. 🙂

    Katrina: Wait till you see me do a one up. 🙂

    Kris: Or if she doesn’t want me to, she can come back here and stop that from happening. Not like she’s that insecure to begin with. 😛

  4. Ok….was not sure what to make of that untill you said that the conversation dipicted real people…

    Either way…umm…well nothing wrong with hugging people right? Not sure hugging them to sleep is…kosher?

    Im really struggling with what to say here…damn you life! Anyway, cant wait to see the one up…ought to be good.

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