The Forbidden Kiss

The cool floor eased our weary muscles. It had been a tiring night much less a tiring day. We were both lost in our own thoughts. Lost in sentiments brought about by the emotional turmoil of the events that have unfolded. Never has the floor look so interesting. Never has my thoughts been so torn in two.


I told her. I told her how I felt and why I felt it. I told her my reasons and I told her me regrets. I shared with her the thoughts that up until now, I never dared share because I didn’t have the right to. Friends shouldn’t cross lines like this. I was breaking a taboo, but it felt good to spill the words. I had to know why. I needed to know why. I couldn’t lose her without knowing why.


She reached up to me across the floor and held my face in her arms. It was her turn to break a taboo. One that will forever be burned in my mind. One that will always be remembered as the moment I had my answer. One that would blur the lines between friendship and something much more.


Never intense but never chaste either. Her sweetness lingered in taste and in memory. It would be a moment to savour again and again in my thoughts. A moment we both knew we wanted. For that we were, all that she saw me as though never requited but always unconditional. We shared the guilty pleasure that cold weary night.

Never regretting it.

Never to be repeated again.

7 thoughts on “The Forbidden Kiss

  1. Tine: How unwanted are unwanted?

    Esther: Sigh and smile. 🙂 Just sigh and smile. 🙂

    Erin: That would be the subject of my next post. :)e

  2. Intense moments like these can be so consuming. Guilty pleasures by their own definition have an air of regret. And I hope you’re not tormented by it later.
    Did you find out ‘why’? Or why ‘not’?

  3. There are worse things in life to be tormented by than pleasures like this. I found my “why not”, but not my “why”. In moments like this. Half an answer is better than none at all.

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