The Romantically Empty Relationship

It’s been more than three years since we first started going out with each other. It’s also more then three years before I realised that we have far and few sentimental records of us being together. We have very few pictures of us being together, we don’t have a special place where we did anything out of the ordinary, we don’t even have a song that reminds us of our time together and heck, none of us can remember the exact date of when we actually started going out. In short, we appear as confused and devoid of all things romantic as people who have never dated in their lives.

Yet, three years is a long time to go without the normal idea of what a relationship should be and maybe, that has always been for the better. For if the conventional idea of a relationship often leads to more breakups in the general population than you can stomach, perhaps it is high time to take the unconventional route. One that you’re more comfortable with.

As much as the sentimental romantic in me may want to have all the recorded memories of our time together for a future that I want to share, the fact that not even time and distance seem to put a dent the relationship proves that one thing is for sure. Unorthodox ways work best with unorthodox people and I don’t think that all the special songs and spots in the world could achieve what we have accomplished over the years.

What it’s worth, I’m happy we’re doing something right and I know, several thousand miles away, in another timezone, she is too.

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