There Is Such A Thing Called Love

So we’ve grown up with the mainstream Hollywood culture which taught us that love does have happy endings. Maybe in so many ways, it is a fabricated lie to escape our bleak reality. Maybe in so many ways, the lie stems from some truths on its own. But in every way, love exists. It’s just that we’ve twisted it to a point where we have forgotten what it really is anymore.

We like to believe that what separates us from animals is the feeling of love, a word that means nothing until we give it every meaning. The word that defines us, what makes us human, that drives us. A single word that we rationalise in our creative works as a token of beauty and magnificence.

Yet love is still just a word. It cannot put food on the table. It cannot shelter us from the elements. It cannot be traded for money. It cannot cure the sick and neither does it prevent it. As much as we like to believe that love is everything, it still cannot guarantee us the promised happy ending. So much for love.

Because when we have lived enough. When we have seen enough. Love isn’t everything. Love is not enough. Even if love makes the world go round and gives your relationship the meaning you wanted, it doesn’t mean it’s all your relationship needs. We’re so brought up by our ideals and culture to believe that love is all that matters that we stop trying to make things work for ourselves.

So why shouldn’t it be that we work through relationships for ourselves and not for love?

We can put food we both enjoy on the table. Protect each other from the elements of wind, rain and sun. We can earn money on our own for a future. Take care of the other when they are sick. Smack them at the back of the head if they don’t take care of themselves. Even if there is no promise of a happy ending, at the very least, we know we can try to build one for ourselves. One we can enjoy together for as long as we can. After all, who wouldn’t want a happily ever after?

At the end of the day, for me at least, love is just our way of saying “I really enjoy my life together with you for now”. What comes in between is up to us to make out of it and build. After all, if we can give the simple word of love all the meaning in the world.

Why can’t we give the relationship between two people, the same kind of meaning?

5 thoughts on “There Is Such A Thing Called Love

  1. When 2 persons meet, friendship grow to relationship, i would say LOVE is there and it will be a word that we probably will use everyday. But like you said, why not we build a relationship for ourselves ? yes I agree with you..the process of growing the relationship to a higher level is what we should enjoy !

  2. Especially if it’s the things we enjoy in the first place that keeps it growing. But sometimes it’s not love that keeps people together, but the reason for being with one another a reason enough for something to grow. Love in itself is just part of the process that makes it enjoyable.

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