Two Weeks

Bright Climb

She surprised me when she arrived. She took a piece of me when she left. While the past month have been somewhat of a blur, one thing’s for certain, that the past 2 weeks have been a tropical island in a sea of storms and emptiness.

I know we’ve both changed. Distance and time does that to everything, whether it be the tallest of mountains or bigger yet, two of the oddest balls that ever came together. Yet, despite the change, the two of us have changed not just to deal with the increasing pressure of what we face, but to complement each other as well. Our roads constantly running parallel to one another like a well choreographed dance routine. Yet, our actions have never been planned let alone choreographed. What we do has always been tantamount to our own selfish and individualistic desires.

We do it simply because we want something better for ourselves. In return we made something better for one another.

I know most relationships don’t operate on the same level of passion. It does take a different sense of reality to defy the normal standard of love and relationships. However, with everything that we have faced so far and with everything we will be facing, being normal and following the social rules which most relationships are based could never see us through. We are the odd sort of people, one that throws away the social distinction and emotional desires for a simpler and more manageable common sense and practical selfishness.

It is why we’ve lived and flourished for this long. It’s why we both know and not just believe that can weather the storms that we cannot seem to avoid.

Until we see each other again though, I will continue to play my role as she will do the same. We will continue to redefine our own set of limits in the place of the rules we tend to defy over and over again. Until I see Mel again, I will have to operate on the shred of hope that there are happy endings, and like God does not play dice, there are reasons for everything happening.

We just do out best to control what we can and ride the rest into the great blue yonder.

3 thoughts on “Two Weeks

  1. You guys look SO CUTE! I think the “secret” to the success of your relationship is the fact that you’re able to view it from such a healthy perspective; understanding hardships, the inevitability of change, and being willing to work on things if necessary. It’s too bad that more people aren’t like that.

  2. @Jeff: I don’t know if its called healthy. Plenty of people would disagree with certain things like the openness of our relationship or the acceptance in letting me self-harm when she knows she can’t comfort me. I guess at the end of the day, dealing with hardships and change is what we do, but its how we do it that makes it work. We’ve accepted who we are and it makes it easier to come to grips of what we’re capable of doing, to ourselves and at the end of the day, to each other.

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