Valentine’s Day Cheer Up

“You still worried?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Tell you what. Let’s go out right now and laugh at people fussing over last minute gifts.”

“That would be a riot I can’t miss.”

“I have just one question though.”

“Which is?”

“What’s this crazy Valentine’s thing I keep hearing about?”

“I’ll tell you along the way.”

If there are times to remember, it’s that Valentine’s isn’t the only day in the world where you shower the ones you love with special things in their own right. It’s all about the crazy times you share together at every single moment that makes the world go round for as long as you both shall live. In the mean time at least, it’s always good to point and laugh. At least at other people.


Everyone loves a laugh right?

One thought on “Valentine’s Day Cheer Up

  1. So true. You always seem to have the right thing to say…I do not know how you do it.

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