Valentine’s Heartbreak

“I thought it would last forever.”

There is something cruelly ironic about breaking up on Valentine’s Day. I know it wasn’t on purpose, but the timing of its arrival marks a sharp blow to the romantic at heart. The thing is, even if I’ve seen this happen so many times before. Even if I have endured through it’s pain before. Standing there with my arms around her is the only thing I can do.

No words can be said to ease the pain. No thoughts can be express to stop the tears. To friends that have stood by friends in their time of pain, you understand the sheer helplessness that comes from this. Yet with helplessness, comes the knowledge from your own past. Knowledge that reminds you that pain like this doesn’t last forever. It’s not a knowledge that can easily be shared with someone who has just had her heart broken, but…it does comfort you to know that as a friend, they will get out of it.

That’s all any of us can do. That’s all I can do. To trust them enough to pick up the pieces of their shattered heart with the wisdom they will come to realize just as we have. The one that echoes through all those that have been burned by it.

That love is never enough.

So I’ll stand by her as I always have and when the time comes, I’ll slap her out of it when she needs it. After all, that’s what best friends do and I wouldn’t want to be neglecting that part of the relationship.

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