When Our Parents Meet The Other Parents

After the nail-biting event which was meeting Mel’s parents for the first time or having my parents meet Mel, it dawned to me that having both our parents meet each other would be an event that would be just as critical. Fortunately for me, that realisation occurred AFTER both our parents met each other for the first time.

For that, I am glad both our parents do sort of get along. We all hear stories about in-laws from hell, especially the ones where in-laws don’t get along with each other. But given the kind of parents both Mel and me have, I doubt that event is ever possible. My parents are too vocal about everything else they think about, and her parents are too quiet about everything else they listen to. In a way, it’s a perfect match. It’s not too unlike the relationship between Mel and me. We just happen to swap our turns for being noisy and quiet.

But I guess in every well-adjusted relationship that thrives on similar levels of dysfunction and insanity, there is a core of similarities that transcend just both people. What raised us to be the people we are can indirectly become a bond between one another that we could never see. It’s always best to capitalise on that idea in the hopes that both parents don’t turn on one another like rabid dogs.

It’s strange. That working so hard to build a life, home and family would result in the slow but progressively growing chance of all that I wished for. It’s kinda surreal to know maybe in a few years, I would have a family and a home to call my own. Makes me wish that I could slow time down a little bit, just to enjoy moments like this where things start to make sense just for a while.

But we enjoy what we should have and for now, it’s the fact that our families get along just fine, and that’s a lot to say for an Asian relationship. Especially one of mixed racial and cultural backgrounds.

Take my word for it. You can’t get any more happier than this.

10 thoughts on “When Our Parents Meet The Other Parents

  1. When a relationship is going to another stage, parents meeting parents are compulsory. So when are you getting married?

  2. The meeting itself should be celebrated, Ed! What more than 2 people ask for if not for their parents to meet without a hitch? 😀

  3. I understand how it feels. I’m lucky that both her parents and mind aren’t control freaks/judgemental/plain weird. But now I’m close enough that I visit her parents on a weekly basis despite her being in UK.

  4. Wow. You’re sooo tying the knot with Mel. 🙂 Glad to hear the meeting didn’t become Meet the Parents 3. Cheers!


  5. HyperX: Compulsory yes, civil, not always. Sometimes things can go awry and that is something no one likes in their relationship. As for marriage, not anytime soon. There is still a long ways to go before that formal end of the stick.

    Pelf: Financial security? But really, you know as well as I do that in Asia, families are important above all. So yeah, it’s all good. It’s pretty much a start of something worthwhile.

    Will: That’s always a good thing. Then again, that’s in your control. Your parents aren’t in your control and that’s what we don’t know can happen when both our parents and theirs meet.

    Kristine: That it is. 🙂

    Jane: Nothing is cast in stone. It’s just something that needed to be done. Besides, Mel isn’t the commitment type. That’s another thing I can’t control. 🙂

  6. That is quite a relief when they get along. And if some time in the future they don’t, let it be their issue.

    I echo the others, sounds like you’re on that road… 🙂

  7. Cléa: Aww come on, don’t you say that too. I don’t like to jinx that road. I like that road even if I don’t want to think about it.

    Yes. If both our parents didn’t get along, the only comfort for both of us would be the fact we’re not dating them and they aren’t responsible for the choices we make. It’s the one consolidation we have in the face of traditional Asian family values. Their opinion do not ultimately determine our lives.

  8. It’s good to hear everything went well. But to be honest, I do not know anyone who had problem with this. I guess there are less and less Romeo And Juliet type of families 🙂

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