Two Of A Kind

“I finally understand now what you mean by us finding a couple we can hang out with. It feels like the only people in the world we can talk to right now is each other.”

There is a price to pay for being the kind of people who take all the rules for being unique and tossing them out the window. For better or for worse, we have to deal with the solitude that comes from being completely with each other.

Some might call that a good thing, to find someone you can share your whole life with completely. I’ve always said it’s a deathtrap, to lose out on so much in life by interacting with only one person in your life. It’s a mistake we all make at one time when we’re young and in love. Yet it’s seems that we’re making the same mistakes over again, even if there is little choice in this matter for us.

I don’t know if there is a couple out there for Mel and me. If anything, finding Mel, as lucky as it has been, was a once in a lifetime thing. To find two people that compliment both of us…maybe I’m just reading too much into it as a scientist when I say the odds are pretty slim at best.

But if there is anything I learned from being with Mel is that finding the right people calls for moments where we think nothing about it. It takes too much precious time to ponder upon something that we can’t control. As long as we all enjoy the time spend together and want more of it, that should always be what it’s all about.

For now at least we only have each other. Not much good that does when we’re so far apart either way.

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