Working With The Other

They say your significant other and you should have at least some things in common, so at least even when opposites attract, both of you aren’t really in a completely different worlds on your own. So what happens when you person you’re with happens to be a person you’re going to be working with? Even more to the point, what if you’re working under the one you love?

One of two things can happen, either things work perfectly or things eventually don’t work out at all. In my case though, it worked out something like this:

Me: You’re a bad supervisor.
Mel: You’re a bad lab assistant.
Me: Do this again tomorrow?
Mel: Of course.

You got to love when some things naturally fall into place in spite of itself. Sometimes they just create little worlds of their own in which nothing else can disturb. At the end of the day, I just have to ask the many questions. Do you think working with the one you love is worth it? Do you think it can work for you? Do you think it can work at all? Anyone got anything to share?

5 thoughts on “Working With The Other

  1. Aha, there’s always the good, the bad and the ugly in whatever you do.

    I wouldn’t say that working with the one I love is worth it, but rather it does have it’s advantages. I think after having experienced working with a boyfriend years ago; it has taught me a valuable lesson, that is never ever schedule both your working hours together. So not good especially after a huge arguement, especially when the arguement concerns the both of you or vice versa.

    Just as long as you both understand the need for space and the time you both want to be together…it will work if you want to make it work. You’re both mature enough, you’ll be fine.

    Remember it takes two to do the tango! 🙂

  2. Do you think working with the one you love is worth it?
    No. I am a different person at work than I am at home. I expect he’d be the same. Besides, I wouldn’t want to spend 24/7 with him.

    Do you think it can work for you?
    No. We’d get on each others’ nerves, and I would find it boring to talk work all the time. It’s nice to unwind after work with someone and talk about stuff that happened at work which they don;t share, and listen to theirs.

    Do you think it can work at all?
    For some people yes. I guess it takes different persomality types and the bility to separate work and home.

  3. I’ve seen lots of good husband-and-wife working teams around. But for me, I wouldn’t like working with someone I love, I’m the type who prefers separating the professional from the personal.

  4. Dee: Actually, I kinda have to. It’s part of my lab work and she needs someone to help her out with her project. But I’ll concentrate on the professional part rather than the relationship. At least when people are looking. 🙂

    1. I get that you mean. She isn’t that type too that wants to spend 24/7 with me. Kinda why I schedueled when I need to work with her. Lucky thing, both our professional and homely selves work with each other even though they are different at home and at work.
    2. Never had that feeling though. I guess I need something to relate to.
    3. The ability to seperate work from home, that’s the most important. At least don’t take it too seriously. It helps when one person keeps their cool all the time and one is so anal about things. 🙂

    Swifty: Guess it doesn’t work for everyone doesn’t it?

  5. What Chickybabe said.

    As for me…

    No. Far too many distractions if I work with them. I have a hard time separating the two, plus far too flirty at times. :p

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