To some Christians, the phrase “What Would Jesus Do?” has become synonymous with emulating a person that stands at the focal point of their faith. To walk hand in hand with their saviour figuratively speaking. Christians don’t emulate Christ because he was some divine individual. True Christ followers emulate the guy because of the stories of what he did. The only problem is, what we know of Christ only exists in the good book, I doubt anyone can say for sure how Christ was really like and what he would do today.

Would he hang up on telemarketers? Would he accept incoming spam? Would he turn the other cheek with bad customer support for his webhost? I don’t know and I don’t think most faithful Christians do either.

Fortunately, I have a remedy for that and it’s a whole lot closer than someone who’s been dead for over 2 millennia.

What would Mel do?

Probably a whole lot more than I’m doing right now. But that’s the beauty of it, because faith, hope and love are only but concepts we create. At the end of it, it’s what it inspires us to accomplish and become. People can have their Prophets and their Saviours. I have an alpha female who puts her thumb on my forehead and I can tell you, that’s a more real than abstract concepts but at least this time, I know what she would do when you need to split the phone and house bill 4 ways.

6 thoughts on “WWMD

  1. Muahahar….He will tear down the inefficient webhost reputation through his blog like he did with the temple, he will slam the phone on the telemarketers like he told the Pharisees off and he will curse the spammers like he said, walk off and leave the dust..blabla I can’t remember the exact words. Gosh, did I really say that?

  2. Yes you did. 🙂 But it’s hard to say for sure. Not like we all know him personally. I like to keep the people I know close and real. 🙂

  3. hahaha, I couldn’t agree more. My mother is quite religious, and sometimes the things she says about being godly really confuse me, because they aren’t thoughts or concepts from the Bible or her own experiences, but rather from preachers–other, ordinary humans. I’m with you. I much prefer trying my best in our modern world than trying to look back on 2,000+-year-old books to tell me what to do. They simply cannot do it.

  4. The irony is that there is nothing wrong when ordinary people look at life and try to gain insight on it. It’s when people start raising the bar for more than just what it is. The greatest story ever told? Maybe to some, after all, some truths are stranger than fiction and I think that still applies today as it did so long ago.

  5. interestingly ed you know that this could be true as well.

    what if mel does operate by wwjd in her daily works, and all you experience of mel is a result of her living a Christ-led principle. ? It could be that as well. in that case, i believe it is very all right to think what would mel do.


  6. Haha, that is a good point I didn’t see. Then again, Mel is Mel. I wouldn’t equate her to Christ no matter what her actions are.

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