You Know It Is

Sometimes you got to remind yourself that she has a point and that she’s right.

She doesn’t need to have photos of herself being crazy around you plastered for the rest of the world to see even if your blog isn’t exactly well read. She still has a professional image to maintain. More to the point she’s not the type that likes to be placed in the spotlight. She is who she always was and would probably always be who she was. She can’t change that part of her.

But you can.

Even if that eats you up somewhat, you know what you needed to do was the better choice. You’ve made tougher choices before with less results than what you have with you at this moment. Ultimately some things aren’t about what you want in life, but what someone you care for needs. At the end of the day, you know it’s worth it to see her smile her smile and know she has you to hold her back at night. You can always give away that small part of yourself for something better. After all, isn’t it worth it?

You know it is.

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