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What Have You Learnt In 2007?

Almost a year ago, I took up one of Lorelle's blogging challenge to write myself the 50 things that I've learnt over the past year. This year, it would be no exception. I think it's a brilliant idea to always look back from time to time and see how far you've gone. After all, despite that it's just 365 days around the sun, there has got to be at least more than a handful of things you now know that you didn't before. Unless you're that ignorant about the world around you, but I'd like to believe not.

So here we are, the 50 things I haven't completely forgotten over the year that is 2007.

  1. To close my own heart to protect myself and the people around me.
  2. How even good things must come to an end.
  3. How to build my own blog theme from scratch.
  4. How you have to do everything yourself despite asking for help.
  5. How I've almost forgotten how to deal with normal woman.
  6. How not to say goodbye.
  7. How to cook the perfect roast turkey.
  8. How to carve the perfect roast turkey.
  9. How odd a relationship I'm in.
  10. How a person's smile is still worth working for.
  11. How a pathology lab works.
  12. How TV can still be worth watching.
  13. To sleep more than 8 hours a day.
  14. How to go caving and not be frozen and afraid.
  15. How bad my motion sickness can be.
  16. How good I can be being in the middle of the wilderness and roughing it.
  17. That too much of a good thing can leave a bitter taste in your mouth.
  18. How the platypus is smaller than I thought it was.
  19. How TV isn't always as accurate as we think it is.
  20. How I was always raised in the wrong country.
  21. That there is no greater feeling than one where you're held close by someone you care for.
  22. To be a little more selfish.
  23. To be a whole lot more generous than I am selfish.
  24. How to appreciate blood a little more than usual.
  25. Not to take lab safety protocols for granted.
  26. That friendship goes as far as you're needed.
  27. That people tend to care more about themselves than the bigger picture.
  28. That heroes are often ordinary people doing ordinary things in extraordinary circumstances.
  29. That space is always a premium when you're living with someone.
  30. That a relationship isn't about "you" or "me" anymore but about "us".
  31. That I still know how to ride a bike.
  32. I'm no longer pretending to be an adult but actually am one.
  33. That you can never really forget a past that makes you who you are.
  34. That I haven't lost who I am yet.
  35. That I will probably have to throw away part of who I am in the future.
  36. How to be more of a man.
  37. That I can make someone more of a woman.
  38. That blu-tack is a poor man's duct tape.
  39. That penguins were once 5 feet tall with 7 inch beaks and could have ruled the world.
  40. How if your name isn't on it, it's fair game to anyone.
  41. How easy it is to lose the people you like or care for.
  42. How hard it is to find someone you can like and care for.
  43. How it isn't classic music when you still think a part of you still lives in those decades.
  44. How to dance and not look like an idiot on drugs.
  45. How I have a knack of winning over women that most guys can't get.
  46. That I still having kicked some really dark habits.
  47. How love doesn't have to be normal the way people know it.
  48. That people don't always do the right thing because it's right, but because everyone else is doing it.
  49. That I'm truly loved.
  50. That I truly love.

That being said, I'm not much for resolutions any more even though I used to set them and complete them at all cost. While setting goals for yourself does bring with it a pace that some people need, I know where I'm going and I don't always need those constant reminders. What I've always needed is appreciating those small things you pick up as time goes by. Small things that you can look back on and reminisce while writing long lists like this.

Sometimes it's not that hard to achieve your goals especially when you're ambitious. It's missing out on the rest of life that makes it difficult. I know I'm on the right path. It's hard to miss that point.

What Have I Learnt Last Year

Before it's not too late, I'd like to take on Lorelle's Blogging Challenge and put down the list of things I have learnt over 2006. The only problem is that when you learn so much over such a short period of time, you tend to forget that you actually learnt them, either forgetting it completely or committing them to instinctive knowledge which you probably still forget when you need the most and remember when you least want to. Then again, that's your memory for you. So without further ado, here are the 50 things that I have picked up over the past year.

  1. How to ask "why not?" instead of "why?".
  2. How to use PayPal.
  3. How to use eBay.
  4. How to appreciate silence.
  5. How hard it is to earn money.
  6. How to pay the bills.
  7. How to say goodbye.
  8. How to advertise for a new housemate.
  9. How to write my own lease.
  10. How to move on.
  11. How to take chances I never took before.
  12. How to appreciate and laugh at the simple things.
  13. How to wake up early.
  14. How to be even more ruthless.
  15. How to care for someone more than just myself.
  16. How to perve because it's healthy.
  17. How to cook foods I haven't tasted before.
  18. How to love foods I always hated.
  19. How to fear what I cannot run away from.
  20. How to take things lightly.
  21. How to laugh at people who can't (take things lightly).
  22. How to take photos artistically.
  23. How to make tissue slides out of dissected organs.
  24. How to stain tissue slides of dissected organs.
  25. How to distinguish between malignant and benign tumours.
  26. How to recognize certain kinds of cancer under the microscope.
  27. How to perform a fine needle aspiration.
  28. How to shrug it off.
  29. How to be less insecure with what I don't have.
  30. How to give myself a reason to be happy.
  31. How to enjoy my own hard earned money.
  32. How to solve a Sudoku Cube.
  33. How to ask for help.
  34. How to try harder without hurting myself.
  35. How to do small things for others for no reason.
  36. How to smile.
  37. How to lie with your eyes.
  38. How to stop whining.
  39. How to appreciate compliments.
  40. How to worry less.
  41. How to stop when you can't go any more.
  42. How to snorkel.
  43. How to teach a young dog old tricks.
  44. How far I can go before actually getting drunk.
  45. How to serve more than 2 dishes with my hands.
  46. How to take charge of things I haven't done before.
  47. How to ask a question.
  48. How to shut up and listen.
  49. How to live life by the day.
  50. How broken hearts still can heal.

Now I'm sure I've learnt way more than that over 365 days, but there is so much you can try and recall over the space of 15 minutes. Still, it does bring back fond memories which I think is just as important as the eventual lessons we end up learning along the way. After all, when it matters, it isn't the destination that makes you who you are, it is the journey that get you there that makes the difference.

I wonder where the journey will take us this year?

Changing The World In 30 Seconds (Redux)

A year ago Lorelle gave us a list of 30 things that that takes 30 seconds to change the world. Now she's given us the same challenge with a bit more definition. Given the state in which this blog can be read over that time, I'm going to bring back my old list I made as a response to the last time she held that challenge with a few changes here and there. With that, I give you my updated list of 30 things that take 30 seconds to change the world, yours, mine and everyone else's.

Edrei's Updated Things That Take 30 Seconds To Change The World:

  1. Add "have a nice day" at the end of every farewell to people you just met.
  2. Stop and listen to street musicians (still one of my favourite things to do from the first list)
  3. Sing along with the street musicians
  4. Donate your spare change to charity
  5. Bring your mom, dad or significant other a cup of their favourite drink.
  6. Pick up trash that you see lying around and dispose of it appropriately
  7. Try and cheer up a crying child.
  8. Call a friend you haven't talked to in a long time.
  9. Call your ex and ask how they are doing.
  10. Let someone else pass before you.
  11. Tell someone you like how much they mean to you.
  12. Forgive yourself.
  13. Forgive others.
  14. Buy a drink for a random stranger.
  15. Tell someone of a different belief you want to want to try and understand what you don't know.
  16. Listen to what people have to say even if you don't agree with them.
  17. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  18. Dance. Anywhere and anytime.
  19. Put on a condom (you can never go wrong there, even if it is from the first list)
  20. Shut up before you say something you'll regret.
  21. Take a picture.
  22. Offer someone the last piece of donut (or whatever was the last juicy delicious bit left).
  23. Let someone else be in charge for once in their life.
  24. Be in charge for once in your life.
  25. Offer to help.
  26. Help those that need help.
  27. Say "why not?" instead of "why?"
  28. Order something different on your regular menu.
  29. Switch off something you're not using at the moment.
  30. Vote for what you believe in.

Now that's my personal way of changing the world in 30 seconds. It may not always be obvious, but the world doesn't necessarily mean the physical globe as you know it. Changing it certainly doesn't have to include "World Peace" all the time. Changing it doesn't even have to take years to achieve. After all, like someone once said, most of the time, it's never the big things that change the world, it's always small things done with great love that rewrites everything. I think it's about time we start those things. Where do you think you'll start with yours?

How To Be A Better Blogger

Here is a thought.

Ever just started reading, commenting and developing relationships with blogs and bloggers outside the ones that you normally go through everyday? The world is a much bigger place than our small area of wonderland, the advent of good things come in the variation beyond the norm. Without exploring what's out there, you can't really explore the boundaries of your own creativity and imagination.

So with that, for anyone who bothers. Here's a challenge. Find 10 blogs beyond your local blogosphere or the usual read blogs that you like. It doesn't have to be that of the same genre, it just has to be something you can find yourself addicted to that is outside your usual scope. Having said that, comment and interact with the bloggers from those blogs then develop relationships with them instead of being the silent type.

The point here is really to expand your horizon. To understand that what's good out there isn't necessarily what you already found. You can't possibly be that small minded about a world so diverse with perspectives, beauty and horror. Good blogging isn't about giving people the incentive to come up with original ideas. It's about what people experience in the world and put together when they want to.

So that being said, what are you waiting for? Get out there, find the blogs that you don't really know and find the ones that you can be addicted to. You just might be pleasantly surprised. It may change you more than you think.

Who’s Writing Your Blog?

For some reason this next part of Lorelle's Blogging Challenge seems fitting given that a lot of people around my end of the blogosphere seem to be suffering from some sort of loss of blogging identity. For some reason, people are reacting to the idea that the current state of the blogging community has had its quality dropped off the edge of the abyss like it was a new thing. Maybe it has, maybe it hasn't, it's a big world of blogs out there and I don't think something as small as the Project Petaling Street community is going to crack a few eggs out there.

But putting that all aside, let's get on to the reason why I'm writing this. It's not a definition of what a blog should be about, but this challenge is a definition of who this blog is about. Yes, I have an About Page, but if you have actually gone through it instead of nodding off there, you'd realise that it doesn't tell you exactly who I am…just what this blog is about. Then you have some confessional memes or miscellaneous posts which does tell you a bit about my life…but nothing really solid about the person who writes this blog.

No, this blog is only a glimpse into part of my life but not the person that defines this blog as a character. You can however read through every single one of my posts and while having a rudimentary understanding of human psychology dissect and come to a conclusion about who write this blog. But since I'm positive many of you have better things to do than to waste time with such nonsense, I might as well do Lorelle's Blogging Challenge on who is writing your blog and tell every single one of you.

While Lorelle's post does give the many faces of the blogger, I'm going to narrow it down to one aspect of my blog. I am, in this blog, Footsteps in the Mirror, the narcissistic teacher. That's who I am as I write my posts each time.

I, like almost everyone else on this planet consider myself a unique individual. Not exactly special as in special privileges, but at least unique to one's character. That reflects ever so brightly when I write, I want to tempt and draw out those qualities in myself that I know are good and do what it takes to prove to people that I am this good. I've learnt my lesson, I won't go blindly claiming myself to be the best in something when they are still people ahead of me, but I will put my foot down on every matter, every commentary and every opinion I write with the message that says "I do know what I'm talking about and you're going to have to walk a long way if you're going to try and dispute me".

At the same time, I am person with a message. It's far from being the hero or the anti-hero of the community. I'm not going to come down and save the world from almost certain damnation. I can't, I don't have cool red underwear to wear over my pants. What I can do and what I know how to do and what I have been doing all these while even as a friend, as a colleague, as a confidante and as a lover is give people a choice. It's not as much as stating the blindly obvious to clueless people, but it's often about giving that alternate and unique perspective that I allow myself to thread upon to people that want more than just the mundane existance of routine life.

I was raised the same, yet completely different from everyone else. I have the same, yet different path in which I experienced life. So whatever choices I have made, whatever in life I have experienced, I put it down here, as a memory and testament to what has gone before and a lesson to those who want to walk of the edge of the social norm. I will as I always have, give you that extra choice in life you never thought about, give you that perspective that makes you go "Oh yeah, why didn't I think of that?". It may not be defining, but that's probably my fault.

So that is who I am everytime I write a post here on my blog. It's certainly not the defining part of me as a whole, but it is me as someone who expresses themselves in this form of freedom. At the end of it, as I have said before, I keep blogging because somewhere along the road, that part of me that I have admitted to you will meet the part of me that believes does those things.

Defining who I am as a blogger only sets the level in which you have to be to be good at what you do. You can't claim to be something you're not even if having a rebelious, in-your-face name sounds cool to the (very) young audience. I am who I've said I am, the rest of which leaves plenty more for improvement. One I'd be quite willing to fulfil till the end of days.

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