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Stupid Commercialized Ad Blogs

There is something about blogs that tend to concentrate on making money these days that catches my attention. But it isn't because of the quality of content. No, I never read blogs that aren't worth the salt they get paid for. I'm just fascinated by the large number of blogs that concentrate solely on ads and paid posts as their main content.

One of the worst side effects of this sudden "gold rush" of commercialized blogging is the scores of other blogs that blog about ways to improve the way you make money from blogging. Everything from Search Engine Optimisations (SEO) to increasing your Page Ranking from incoming links, as if there wasn't oodles of websites dedicated to that already. I know blogging has come a long way from it's quiet diary like beginnings, but if this is the future of what blogging will be, then I don't think I want any part of it.

What disappoints me more than pisses me off is the fact that back when we started blogging all those years ago, everyone was honest about everything. We were honest about what we felt. The people we read were honest about what we wrote. Most importantly, We were all honest about what we did.

Now, it just feels like you can barely find a blog that's not dedicated to making money off its readers. We tried so hard in the years before to avoid having ads on our blogs. Now the blogs we see have become one giant ad, with the content not from the writer, but for the purpose of making money. I can understand blogs becoming the centre for distributing information and commentary that gives a certain perspective and flavour from the mainstream media. It, after all is just the natural evolution of such things, but not this.

I guess…I want to see the good old days when you'd look forward to reading someone else's blog because you know they actually have something to say or some quirky way of saying it that never failed to stop you from grinning. I want to see the good old days when personal blogging was king and we were all lords of our little domains.

In Malaysia at least, there are only handful of personal blogs out there that are worth reading, condemning the rest to commercialized ad-centric peer pressure. But even out here, it's still as hard to find personal blogs you can relate to or at least grow to love and be a part off. While the 9rules personal community has its fair share of good personal bloggers. I refuse to believe that is all from the millions of blogs out there.

So I'm asking you this. If you know of a great personal blog (which preferably isn't just your own), could you share it with us here? I would really like to find more personal blogs I can lose myself into and I'm sure, some of you would like to find them too.

The Price of Growing Up

I should be working on Lorelle's Blogging Challenges before she cracks up a whip and joins in with Mel on the act but I can't find myself the right state of mind to start on it. It's got to do with the idea that whatever happens around my life is actually more important than my need to blog. Not everything that happens in and around this blog is related to the blogosphere, God forbid, I have a more fruitful responsibilities and things to do than spend my life pandering around the net.

If anything, realizing that I have more responsibilities in real life as opposed to that online reminds me that for the most part, dealing with money no longer falls onto my parents as the sole source of income. I have to remember that I am old enough to rely on my own two hands to at least support my daily life and while my parents may still give in and support my education on a whole, the time is long overdue for me to start paying my fair share in what I need rather than what I have wanted in life.

Yet the comforts under a roof that once sheltered me hasn't been forgotten yet, it may have it's fair share of problems like any other household, but a roof that you don't pay for is still a roof you don't have to work hard to keep. Living by yourself is a different matter altogether, especially when you have to juggle your studies, your income and expenditures, your prospective career and your whatever you nailed together to make sure you still have food in your mouth and a roof over your head.

The responsibilities that I face now to maintain a decent living comes at a cost for much of my accustomed lifestyle I grew up as a kid. For the most part, it comes at the cost of sacrificing what I would like to do, in favour of what I need to have. Not that it's a bad thing to do so, it's just one of those transitional times of your life when you go from being a kid without any qualms for the future to a working adult that supports the rest of his life by his own two hands. It's not abnormal…it's just like all changes, that something you didn't want to happen which happened anyway.

Yet life does indeed go on and given my track record for dealing with things like this, I know I should be worried about anything at all, weary and vigilant, but never worried. Such are the habits when you start paying your own bills that one day you'll end up like all adults who scold their children because they take money for granted. If that's the road that I'm going to follow in the end, well…I certainly don't blame it. But between now and then…just let me have the money to go places every once in a while.

Is that too much to ask?

The Very Annoying (And Very Broke) Holiday

It definitely isn't a summer holiday from Australia when you realise that all the things that could go wrong in a holiday can go wrong. When I mean go wrong anyway, I usually mean that all the money I saved up for the things I want to do or buy end up being spent on something I need to do which no one ever normally does.

Unofficially, Sarah (my laptop) has an LCD problem. For some reason, the screen has taken a slight pinkish hue that cannot be corrected via colour tweaking. On checking up on the net, I found out the LCD backlight probably is starting to wear out. Which means I have to have it replaced. Which means I have to fork out money. Which means I would have no more money.

The irony of this situation is that it happens every holiday. Whenever I saved up for spend a little time for myself, I end up in a position whereby something goes inexplicably wrong and I have to fix it with the money I would rather spend on myself. Two years ago it was the hard disk. Last year was the AC adaptor. This year, it is the LCD screen. Life just never fails to stop poking me with the proverbial finger and it's really getting too old too fast.

I suppose when it goes back to my new philosophy on things, it's best not to care that bad things happen to you and start dealing with shit as fast as it's thrown at you. In my case, it isn't as much as salvaging what's left of the money I have, but to see how I can get more money with what I know…which amounts to doing many many oddball jobs again for spare change.

So if you would like to change your blog to WordPress and you wouldn't mind paying for the services of an extremely friendly, nice (and on many occassions, cute and cuddly) tech support to help you deal with what you're unfamiliar with. Please…don't hesitate to talk to me. We'll see what we can work out and I'm very sure it'll be worth your time.

Thankfully though I don't feel alone in this spirit of an expensive and dead broke holiday. At least there is some company in this which raises my spirits a bit. Though it does sound extremely bad that you're somewhat glad your girlfriend is having some monetary problems with her holidays too. Not like that makes a difference seeing that she amuses herself from my own plight.

It's an odd balance what works and knowing at the end of it, we'll both come through this absolutely fine. How long though this eccentric relationship will keep working…well…that's just another beer on the porch now isn't it?