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Hollywood Ruins Anime For Us All

It's no secret that I love Japanese Anime. While most of what the world regards as Anime are the child-like attractions of Pokemon, Dragon Ball and Naruto. Those shows hardly do them any justice. For the most part, Anime is as diverse a world as your average TV series, if not more. You have different genres aimed at different age groups. There are Animes that are meant for kids and the kid at heart and Animes that will blow the adult mind away. Their concepts can range from true-to-life plots to science fiction and fantasy. Some even dare to blend it all together in a way that just makes your brain go "what just happened?", but in a good way.

Yet like what you see on the small screen, there are good and bad Animes. Some of them you just can't bother watching after the first episode, some, you just wish there were more and because it caters to a wide range of audiences, what hardcore Anime "otakus" consider to be good or not, is entirely subjective because Anime plots, despite it's animated premise will always have a solid, if not convoluted and mind blowing plot. Then Hollywood comes along.

Recently, Hollywood has been increasingly interested in turning Animes into live-action movies. I have no idea how this happened. I can only assume it's because of the recent comic-turned-movie trend which lead some Hollywood execs to think that Animes and comic book characters are the same, but that's the way it has gone down, literally. It sends shivers down my spine that the crap-tastic live-action version of Dragonball was one of the first in a (hopefully short lived) line of Hollywood directions. To my knowledge, they have made, or are going to turn into film, pretty good Animes like Blood: The Last Vampire, Cowboy Beebop and Full Metal Panic, then ruin them all. From the trailer itself, I already know they pretty much butchered Blood: The Last Vampire.

Basically they turned it into a female version of Blade and retained the classic "Japanese high school girl wielding a katana, bathed in the blood of all she has killed" bit for audience purposes. Most of what was mentioned in the trailer has nothing to do with the original plot, which is the point.

The heart of an Anime has always been the plot. The way they bring out the premise and underlying conflicts. While is has become somewhat predictable to me over the years, there is still no doubt that concepts and storyline in an Anime has always been much more original than those on TV series. There in lies the problem. because Hollywood isn't well known for it's story writing. Overall, plot development on the big and small screen has been a hit, miss and copy thing with Hollywood. Now they are gunning after our Animes, stripping them from all that makes it enjoyable to watch. Sure I do understand that some things are limited by real world physics, like say every time-stop-philosophical action scene or Goku's insane hairstyle in Dragonball, but if you take away the plot of an Anime, what's left?

Nothing, that's what.

That's exactly what Hollywood is doing to our Animes. Ruined it by recreating them as a live-action big screen as an excuse to hide the fact it's run out of ideas. I don't mind if good directors do with Anime what they have done with recent comic books like the Iron Man and Batman films, but way things are going, all we're going to be stuck with is some half-assed movie that shares its name with a great Anime and several of its characters. It's painful to watch.

The only solution I can think off is to at least deny the existence of live-action Anime films. At least until someone says it's worth watching. If people stop going to watch crappy shows and instead watch the original ones, despite the fact that it's animated. I think that Hollywood, may, just may, get the point. In the mean time, I'll just keep doing what I do with my Animes, get people to put aside their misconceptions and enjoy them for what they are, a triumph of what makes a show worth following. Its story, and all that goes with it.

The Other Better Vampire-Love Movie

I don't like Twilight. I thought the books were unremarkable and bad long before I realised the real horror that they made a movie about it. In fact, when it comes to the movie, there are many things that can be said about Twilight and its horde of screaming fan-girls. Unfortunately I was taught that if all I have to say were things that could make people burst into flames, I shouldn't really say them.

That being said, I think that film, Twilight is nothing more than fan-girl screaming trash of a book-bastardization Hollywood movie which features emo looking vampires that can't go out into the sun because they'll glow and everyone else will know that's them (which has got to be the biggest slap in the face reasoning for a vampire lore) and a teen girl who wants to get hot and sweaty with one of them (because he's hot). Mercifully, I found a better alternative than watching this trash (a great big hat tip to Swifty for recommending me this movie and you can read his review of it here). The movie is called "Let The Right One In" and don't let the title or its country of origin fool you (It's a Swedish film) it's probably one of the best vampire-human love stories to date.

Without giving too much away, the story is based on a book of the same name about a 12 year old boy, Oskar who's constantly bullied and dreams of bloody revenge. He meets a strange lonely girl, Eli who isn't afraid of the cold and is never seen in daylight. Turns out she's a 200 year old vampire with a mind and body of a 12 year old and a constant need to feed on human beings with the help of her human caretaker who is a serial killer that finds her victims and cleans up the mess. As the body count rises, the boy and girl find comfort and strength in each other against their own darkness.

Despite it's twisted, gruesome plot that's beautifully executed, the underlying premise of the film is about innocent love between two preteen children. None of this teen romance thing that's been overdone in a lot of movies. It's won a lot of awards in film festivals and it's a worthwhile watch if you ever get your hands on it. Fortunately, yes it does come with subtitles so you don't have to learn Swedish to catch the gist of the movie.

In short, there is no reason for you not to go out and find this movie, sit down with a friend or three and watch it from beginning to end. Maybe it'll open a whole new world of awesome movies that are not made by Hollywood. I can only hope, but in this case, you can take my word for it.

Watch it.

Nominate And Maybe Win Something

If you already don't know, I'm asking for any cast recommendations to play me if my blog were ever a movie. That of course would mean that sooner of later it'll be voted upon. The winning nomination does get their blog spotlighted on my blog and I'll even throw in a nice review. So what are you waiting for? Suggest your nomination today. Nominations close on the 12th of September.

My Blog: The Movie

Seeing that I need to take a step back and let my muse rest, Lorelle Blogging Challenge this week happens to be the perfect solution for the problem. Long have I equated my life to a story. Seeing that this blog is about the story of my life, it's not so hard to turn it into a movie. Of course, movie adaptations of written works don't always go down well, but what's the difference when both are about the same thing anyway?

So hypothetically, if my blog was made into a movie, this is how it would go.

Set in a present time, "Footsteps in the Mirror" portrays the life of a brilliant but lonely young man (Edrei) as he struggles to find his place in the world around him. Film and narrated in first person, the film is played out as a neo-noir revolving around the thoughts and emotions Edrei goes through as he builds his identity in a dysfunctional world.

Assuming the alter-ego "Kamigoroshi" and living in a universe peppered with content thieves, trolls and spammers alike, Edrei constantly fights to build a name for himself as both an unique individual and an anti-hero that contrasts the mainstream society that values hypocritical and fundamentalistic ideals, and commercial dystopia.

While there are constant trials ahead, Edrei is accompanied by his cold, methodical, but otherwise comical partner (Melissa) who often distracts him from his thoughts with her antics and reminds the protagonist that he always has a choice other than his introspection. Edrei is also befriended by an enigmatic wise woman (ChickyBabe) and a mentor (Lorelle) whose words and stories are often a source of inspiration on the clouded road ahead.

The film also portrays his grotesque inner demons which serve as the character's main antagonist. The narration of the story highlights both protagonist and antagonist in a battle against duality which cuts a clear line between sanity and insanity. The darkest points of the film reflect the times when Edrei loses control against the antagonist and spirals down into madness.

Despite the lack of any solid plot, "Footsteps in the Mirror" is a story with solid character development and introspective messages. The protagonist's life is arranged as a series of "chapter" progressions as he develops relationships with the people around him and finds a measure of contentment and peace despite his ongoing struggle to climb his own personal ladder and escape his demons.

As the film progresses towards its climax, Edrei becomes more and more embroiled in his own inner demons who refuse to let him go. The film begins to revolve entirely around his own sanity where the viewers will begin to wonder whether what Edrei sees is real of in his own mind.

The end of the movie culminates with Edrei choosing a side to stand on. The original ending is to have Edrei choose the long road in which he succeeds in his goals but ends up walking the long and lonely road. The DVD director's cut edition will feature an alternate ending where Edrei chooses to sacrifice his dreams with the possibility of finding peace with Mel. This however opens another possible ending to have Edrei have both his goals and peace at the same time, this final cut would combine doth the director's cut and added scenes to the movie, however it depends on how well received the movie would be.

Is my life a form of entertainment? It could be. To anyone who's found my blog funny, inspiring or even frightening, that's no different than renting a movie on a Saturday night to pass the time. Could it really be turned into a movie? Well, if the Big Brother series can turn your average mundane and otherwise retarded individuals into 15 minute celebrities, why not be immortalize in a movie about yourself?

Movie plots based on your own life are easy. Like any autobiography, it's not always what happened in your life that makes it interesting, it's how the story is told. If anything, my life is as mundane and melancholic as Hemingway's last years. Then again, he's near legendary and not because he shot himself either.

I don't know if people would actually pay money to watch a movie about me. It's hard enough trying to convince people that whatever I experience in my life is real. It's harder to have people believe that the movie is actually based on a true story and not a story that's bordering fiction. That's just as well, the movie would be something that spans several saga's and remakes. Kinda like Batman, inclusive of the embarrassing Joel Schumacher directed versions.

There is one last thing that I purposely left out. The cast recommendations. While it's easy for me to pick out the people that would be best suited to act in the story of my life, I've yet to figure out who would best play me. So that just happens to be the question of the week. Who do you think would best play me in a movie? Maybe I'll grab a few nominations and put it up for a vote. It'll be quite interesting to see who you think would play me best.

Update: All nominations close on the 12th of September. The 5 best (or most) nominations go on to being voted by you and after that we'll decide the winner. The person that suggested the winning nomination does get their blog spotlighted on my blog and a given a review of their blog here.

The criteria for the actor nominations are:

  1. They have to be real even if they are animated, name the actor that does my voice.
  2. They have to be alive.
  3. They have to be male (because I'm a guy damnit!)
  4. They can't be older than their 30's

Good luck. I look forward to hearing from you guys.

Update: Due to a lack of participation, the contest has been cancelled.

Chickybabe For A Technogeek

Following tradition of those short random posts on lazy Sunday afternoons.

  1. I've decided to forgo buying a new phone and instead invest myself in a new camera. Albert recommended the Canon Powershot A540 for my case as a step up to Mel's A400 which I've been using all this time. Unless anyone can recommend a better blogger's camera, that'll be it.
  2. I wonder if it's bad to sell the present your parents bought for your birthday simply because you barely used it. Not that I don't appreciate it, but the Olympus FE-115 isn't exactly a camera that I can use given the capabilities I'm used to. I wonder if anyone else would be willing to buy it?
  3. In the world of technology, it's always best to let a hardcore technogeek decide what they want. More often than not, gifts for them just involve supplying the money to pay for it.
  4. I'm bored enough to start messing around and investing in sites that I would have never bothered to look at before. If you're just as bored as me with an itchy mouse finger, check out Twitter and MyBlogLog. One is just a glorified instant asides site and the other might actually be the next best thing.
  5. I've hooked up the now obsolete Sarah-IV to the television. It isn't exactly high definition, but at least I don't have to watch all the downloaded movies, shows and anime on a smaller monitor screen. Movie nights at home just got a whole lot more interesting.

Now to enjoy the rest of those movies I have.