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The Right Person Or The Person Right Now?

Today on Quofda, they ask my question. Given the topsy turvy state of affairs when it comes to relationships, who would you choose between? The right person? Or the person right now? To answer that, let me give you a brief summary of what is the right person in my book.

When it comes to matters like this, I would still like to believe that despite everything I have been through, I am still a romantic. There has always been a criteria to be fulfilled when looking for that next person to go out with. The right girl for me would always have to be smart and open to new things. It wasn't until later that I realized every girl I've had a relationship with wasn't just smart and adventurous, they have to be emotionally dysfunctional as well.

Of course, that's usually where the criteria for me ended. I don't know why I never bought into it, but I've always had an inkling as a child that fairy tale mockups of our perfect prince or princess just cannot exist. Because that being said, finding emotionally dysfunctional women who feel more than they think is easy. Finding emotionally dysfunctional women who are on the other side of spectrum being near sociopaths is hard, and that's usually the right person for me.

Then again, I've never really had any problems with women. Don't get me wrong, while it has always been easy for me to go out on a date with any girl, it's always been been hard to find someone I can get into. The past few years however have been fulfilled by those right women. While the past may have been a bittersweet tale of love lost. It's present however is one of remarkable discoveries.

The irony in this is that while I may have lost someone who was the right person from the very beginning. I found a person right now who every day is looking more and more like someone who is my perfect half.

So what do I get from all this? That finding the right person doesn't always mean a perfect ending? That there is no harm in being with the person right now if there was a remote chance that something more might develop? I doesn't take a genius to realize both those points. I'm not saying that we should all settle for the person right now and hope for the best. I'm just saying that it's always good to have a sensible choice of traits in your head and then go with the flow. I don't know, maybe in my case, I know no one else has that kind of luck in relationships. But that doesn't discount the most important lesson here.

Sometimes it isn't about the right person or the person right now. Sometimes it's about the right person, right now. You never know what you might discover and sometimes you might find yourself with a story you just don't want to end.

And that's my answer to the question. What about yours?