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Who Is Linking To You

I am going to get ahead of myself on Lorelle's Blogging Challenge and skip what was supposed to be the third installment to the Blogging Challenge series. Let's just say that ironically, personal blogging tends to be a little more…tricky when it comes to trying to write one down when the mood hasn't hit you. Since the mood hasn't hit me yet and I might actually save it for a more important occassion, I'm skipping to the next challenge which just happens to be about who's linking to me.

This just happens to be one of the easier challenges. Mainly because I do happen to keep track of all incoming links to Footsteps in the Mirror. When some of you happen to be surprised that I know you talked about me…or have that new blog up that you haven't told us about yet, it all boils down to your incoming links from your post or your blogrolls.

Now, while the incoming links on WordPress.com blogs uses Google Blogsearch, I find that it's slightly less than accurate given that it only picks up links that Google spiders. The standalone version of WordPress however uses Technorati to check for incoming links, it does appear more accurate or at least…more incoming links than what Google has to offer. But just to be a little more precise, scientific-like and proving that I'm not entirely lazy and all, I went ahead and checked the whole nine yards and this is what I got.

  1. Technorati (1084 instances)
  2. Google (10600/2140 instances)
  3. Google Blogsearch (69/380 instances)
  4. SitePopularity (5740/12020 intsances)
  5. Icerocket (135 instances)
  6. Market Leap (9250/13662 instances)

If you're getting confused with why some searches come up with two results, don't be. The reason why there are two results was because I was using two different forms of the same link in the first place, one "kamigoroshi.net" and the other "www.kamigoroshi.net". For sites like Technorati and Icerocket, there aren't any difference. It is both the same thing, but for search engines or link calculators that rely heavily on search engines, they are considered two seperate domains altogether. That's usually where the confusion starts. And you can't really rely on search engine searches on your own domain, they just end up with your own site to begin with. I just have to remember to work on using the "non-www" version of my domain. I don't know why, but I know there is a geeky reason to it. Maybe someone can explain.

So what have I learnt from all this? Nothing that I already don't know. For the most part, while the bulk of incoming links are credited to being on someone else's blogrolls, a significant part of all incoming links happen to be from other blog posts either refrerring to me as a person or a post that I have written before. To me, that can be a good thing. You see, it's one thing to just be a stagnant name on someone's blogroll. It's another to be referred to within a post, whether for something good or something bad.

Think about it this this way, in that sense, you could either be just another face in the crowd or be part of a community in which interacts with one another for better or for worse. Depending on how you value your own blog privacy, building relationships with other bloggers in the community is worth more than just having your blog plastered on someone's link. There has got to be a reason for people to move their fat greasy fingers and start clicking on your link. Here is a crazy idea, maybe having people talk about you or discuss your opinions even if it's a brief mention might do the trick. It's worth a try anyway.

At the end of this challenge, you have to realize that even if you have oodles of people linking to you. It doesn't really matter if that raises your Google Page Rank. It matters that for all that you are as a blogger, you have the ability to relate and interact with people and build a community around your blog. It doesn't matter if you're a personal blogger or a blog that caters to professional products, the center of a blog is its ability to interact with people. You can't do that if you're another faceless link somewhere. You can however, do that when you've worked yourself into the conversation with other blogs. Those are the links that matter, the ones which give people a reason to come back and reread what you've said or did, not the ones that stagnate in the sea of a few million blogs.

So remember, always work to inspire people to form a community or niche of links around you. Whether as a friend or even as an opposing thought. It doesn't matter as long as people have a reason to link. Always work to build that. The rest of it is always entirely negotiable.

Top 10 Keywords For Your Blog

Another week and another one of Lorelle's Blogging Challenges. Since I'm still 2 weeks overdue from last time, I might as well get on it. Although, it's safe to say that this would be one of the most technical-sounding posts I've ever done and if it sounds like greek to all but SEO junkies, I apologise. It's fair enough to say I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing as well, but a challenge is a challenge, so let's see what comes off it.

The challenge happens to be on keywords and search engine optimization (SEO). Now, I have somewhat done this before with all the incoming searches for Footsteps in the Mirror but this is to actually find out what are the top keywords that can actually bring people to this blog regardless of popularity. So at this point in time, we begin with these keywords that I expect from my blog.

  1. blog
  2. blogging
  3. wordpress
  4. life
  5. philosophy
  6. love
  7. personal
  8. blogosphere
  9. malaysia
  10. live

Now comes the painstaking searches through Google and the WordPress admin to come up with how many instances the keywords actually appear throughout my blog.

  1. blog (825 instances)
  2. blogging (575 instances)
  3. wordpress (821 instances)
  4. life (769 instances)
  5. philosophy (124 instances)
  6. love (860 instances)
  7. personal (562 instances)
  8. blogosphere (236 instances)
  9. malaysia (840 instances)
  10. live (821 instances)

It took me a while to realize that despite the low numbers compared to Lorelle's "12,800 occasions of the use of the word" WordPress, it was because for the most part, my blog's not really focused on anything but my personal life followed by commentaries on things that cross my mind. That and the fact that at this moment, I only have a little more than 1100 posts on this blog and I've only started using keywords wisely up from a couple of months ago. It's hard to machinegun personal posts with keywords unless I actually want to make less sense to what I'm talking about than what I already do.

And it is expected that some keywords that I expect to define my own blog aren't the keywords that I actually use in the first place. It's no big deal there because like I said, I don't usually pepper my post with specific keywords, they just appear as time goes by. But the surprising thing here are the actual bulk top 10 keywords that I could find that appears most on my blog.

  1. blogs (1120 instances)
  2. work (903 instances)
  3. love (860 instances)
  4. malaysia (840 instances)
  5. blog (825 instances)
  6. theme (821 instances)
  7. wordpress (821 instances)
  8. live (821 instances)
  9. design (819 instances)
  10. penis (782 instances)

Yeah…I have no idea where is went awry but when I started my blog, I doubt that the word "penis" was going to be one of the top keywords for this blog. From the looks of it though, it seems that my blog is likened to being one of those blogs that talks about blogs all the time. Not exactly a bad thing, but…I supposed it can't be helped.

If the idea behind keywords is that we start to clean up and focus on what we're good at then I'm afraid for a blog like myself, that's pretty much out of the question. It does help that people find their way to my blog through keywords that I use over and over again, but for something as personal and as fluidic as life, I'm afraid that unless I split my thoughts up into different blogs, there is no way it's going to be any more specific than it already is.

There is one thing you readers can do to help however. There is no way I can think of so many things at once and there might be a few things I can't see on my blog that you can. So if you do frequent my blog and you've got the time. Try putting in keywords that you think my blog represents to you. If it's anywhere as high as the top 10 keywords for this blog, I'll bump it up the list.

In the mean time, why don't you try out this challenge yourself? You might be surprised of what you might find anyway.

We Don’t Need This SEO Thingie

Woke up. Read this article about how bloggers don't need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques. Went back to sleep. Started to think. Woke up again. Blogged.

Malaysian stereotypically have a style of their own, one of which is our near fanatical obsession in obtaining as much coverage as possible, more so through the net as bloggers. I don't know whether we're all culturally bred attention seekers or we're trying a little bit too hard to emulate Singapore's Blogosphere scene.

The thing is, a lot of us are attention junkies, drawn towards the sensationalisic appeal of…well anything really. We can take the smallest things and blow them completely out of proportion just to scream out "Hey look at me!! I'm worth something too!!".

The good thing about all this so far is that the 15 minutes of sensationalism that bloggers have seems to be dying down, at least in the part of the blogosphere I inhabit. So far, there hasn't been any repetitive, near feverish, paparazzi like posts on things regarding a single topic about other bloggers and their opinions about things.

It may be a little bit quiet, but here in the blogosphere, quiet is how some of us like it. It gives us a little time to ourselves and just forget about the rest of the world as it is. And sometimes you need that at least. Not this techno-whammy-sequence of how to make your blog more important to search engines with a better page rank. Just some time to yourself…time to be yourself. Whatever that may be. At least people will come back for you.