A Mountain Full Of Twilight

Sometimes, some things can remind you of a moment in your life that you don’t know whether you should forget. Give me a moment in time that I would always see myself in over and over again and it would be this:

I’m standing on top of that mountain. The wind blowing over me with my arms outstretched, whether in silent victory or just to feel that cold wind. The atmosphere hangs between light and dark with clouds casting a shadow over the land below and the sun sweeping off on random spots like a beam of light that warms all it touches, but no light touches me. Instead, there is that cold howling wind on top of the rocky outcrop which I am standing on.

I’m standing on top of that mountain. In a distance I hear the gentle rumble of the city, one that I was bred into. I can see the curved bubble of smog as the cold morning air presses down against the city who’s roots I’m planted into as if to keep the cancer within from spreading out, corrupting the surrounding nature it touches. But nature always fights a losing battle, everything has a breaking point, but that’s no reason for nature to stop fighting everyday. It’s amazing what nature can teach you

I’m standing on top of that mountain. The one where I spent part of my childhood becoming me. The one where I stood and pondered the meaning of it all. The one where I held her close and thought of forever. The one where I sought solice from the cold dark I was drowning in. The one where I come back to when the time is always right. The one where I always stand alone…and never.

It’s been a long time since I’ve stood on top of that mountain. It’s been a long time since I stretched my arms to those sombre clouds and cold wind and felt alive. It’s been a long time for a lot of things. Then again…I’ve always took a part of that mountain with me. Whether it’s standing in between twilight, whether it’s knowing that you should never give up or whether it’s being sentimental about the memories of a past life.

I’m always standing on that mountain. Eyes closed and arms outstretched against the cold wind. Always standing alone…and never.

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