A Story Without Emotion Is No Story At All

As the conflicts of this current chapter mounts in number, so too does the plan to overcome them keep piling up. Yet, despite the chess board like practicality in which problems are dealt with and resolved, no story is without an emotional face to it. Regardless of how much some of us want to tear it away, we are still human. As much as a sociopath abhors the face of the general populace, they would still feel a need to connect to someone who understands, even empathises their motives and actions.

This side of the story, this human connection we all seek, is the crucible that brings all elements of a tale together. Without it, our stories and lives are nothing more than a textbook manual of cause and effect. Bland and uninteresting.

To which that is what this chapter needs now. Another protagonist or 3, to add to a story that would otherwise crack under the strain of its own soulless existence. Even if the climax of the story come to an explosive one, it will always be the characters that bring those moments to life more than any effect would create. It will always be the characters that provides the elements of hope and comfort to survive the oncoming conflict until its resolution. That much is believable in any tale, for without it, isn’t much of a story to be told at all.

Of course, the empty seats of characters that would fill these roles would mean that they have to be created from scratch, again. They have to be found, examined and otherwise tested to see if they can fill in the roles that the story needs. It isn’t that it can’t be done, it’s just that it takes time in an unraveling story that has can’t be stopped. It’s just that it poses a question that all good stories need to ask themselves. If there is a need to find new protagonists for the oncoming conclusion, wouldn’t that mean that the characters that existed in chapters before are completely useless for the roles ahead?

It’s always a sad thing to realise that they are. It’s sadder still to realise that you have to eventually phase them out of your story altogether. Yet for a story to have meaning and conviction, these characters need to be there. I just hope when I do find them, it wouldn’t be too late.

2 thoughts on “A Story Without Emotion Is No Story At All

  1. It is just like life – need to be born, explored, understood, connected and created.
    Or else, there wouldn’t be any story.

  2. It is like life because the story is life. As life is the story, so to are the chapters the years we live.

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