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Everyone likes a nice little fight just like the like controversies. It’s just so much fun watching people make funny little blogging faces for something by the end of it…if there is an end…know one even remembers how it started.

Me, I just take it one step further. I don’t care. I care as much as I would care for watching daytime soap because that’s essentially what all of this is. A daytime soap opera where people would throw emotional baggage around like bad acting as if it actually would matter in their lives…or our lives for that matter.

The only reason why I would want to feel like giving a hoot is that as far as friends go, they stick around to make sure that the people they care for don’t push the limits of what they think is an absolutely crazy situation in the first place. And when I mean crazy, I mean people who can literally crap out of their mouths kind of crazy and come to think of it, that’s not really so far from the truth.

So…as much as I loved the lesson on blog wars or this little jewel that my friend dug up for me and would write it off as one of those rare posts worth reading in this depressingly mundane, repetitive and otherwise childishly petty blogosphere of ours. All I can say is this.

We all are who we are. We all do what we know how to do. The freedom of being here to blog what we think and how we feel is also the freedom to show the world who we really are as a person in our hearts. Ultimately we will all find out where we stand with our friends and enemies. Sometimes the best things can be the person who drives you crazy most of the time. Sometimes the worst things can be that long hard look in the mirror.

Blog wars be damned…it’s just another long hard look in the mirror.

8 thoughts on “All I Have To Say

  1. this depressingly mundane, repetitive and otherwise childishly petty blogosphere of ours

    Last few months, it has been like that, hasn’t it. I’m hoping that it’s just a pendulum waiting to swing. But then, once crap sets in it’s hard to clean 😛


  2. oh, joy. seems like we’ve all been had. i tremble with excitement. the ultimate twist in the plot. oh, joy.

  3. Nah…the beauty of it though is that you’re trying to prove a point for a friend especially if you knew what it really was long before that.

    But what I said still stands anyway.

  4. blog wars are basically normal blog posts with personal attacks on other bloggers added in them. as long as the arguments involved in blog wars are still solid, i think it all makes pretty interesting reading. but when it becomes petty and childish…that’s when blog wars start being absolutely boring.

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