Almost There…

Man, I am this close to completing the layout Just a few more tweaks here and there and I got it all made. Edit the css here and put in the graphical link there and that’s it. Just add in the rest of the other links and we’re al set. Latest could probably be in 2 days at most. One thing though…it’s not going to be black anymore thats for sure. Not that I don’t like black anymore, but seeing other people’s layout, I like to try something a little less…bleak for a change. Something to celebrate a new webhost and a new domain.

While I was doing all this, I was wondering. What how much of our past gets carried on to the present and the future? I mean I’m doing my layout and I noticed that to make things easier and workable, I was bringing forth codes from the previous layout and putting it with the new layout. Could that be the same as life itself? We take whatever good we can salvage over the past years and add to it a whole new dimension of our being? I guess that’s about agreable to everyone…we all do it one way or another.

Now if that’s to ourselves, what about how other people see us. How much of our past do THEY bring forth to the present and future? Why is it the bad is only taken to be remembered and the good is forgotten in an instant especially when it concerns what you remember of other people? Is our legacy so fitting that only the bad and most heinous of deeds are remembered and passed on for others to remember? Gee whiz…what’s worse is that the things that get remembered are always passed on in the shadows, never in the open. We may smile, we may say good things in front of the person. But turn around for one second and people start talking shit about you behind your back.

And that folks is called hypocrisy. A man can be praised for doing all sorts of good deeds throughout his life, but make one small mistake and no one would even remember the countless lives that man might have saved anyway.

Why must we be judged for our mistakes? Do we not have the right to second chances? Do we not have the right to prove (if sincere) that we are different from that of old? Why it is so hard to prove to people the person who you are rather than the person that you were supposed to be? Is it so hard to let go of perceptions…especially when you only heard about it not experienced it? How many people out there have been cast aside because of heresay and rumours? How many people have you yourself choose to move far from because you heard it from someone else somethng bad about them?

What a world we live in…when so many people can turn on you in an instant. It’s a scary thought to try and set things right. Would you even try…?

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