An Agnostic With A Bible Quote…

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I felt as a child, I thought as a child. Now that I have become a man, I have put away childish things.

1 Corinthians 13:11

Now for those of you who know me would probably wonder why in the name of all that is holy and sacred a religion-killer like myself would be quoting something from the bible. Well the matter of fact is simple anyway. When I was a child I did everything that a child would do…then something happened that changed my life as I knew it.

I grew up too fast.

It’s not saying that I’m one of those child prodigies or child stars that grew up having severe psychological issues with their existence. Certainly not. Then again, for some reason I stand in the limbo between those older than me and those that are at my age. It is the price to pay for understanding things beyond your time. It’s definitely a price to pay for trying to consolidate the person you’re supposed to be with the person you made yourself be.

In short, like the quote above, some things in life have to be sacrificed to make way for other things.

The innocence and my social abilities were what I had to give up.

I don’t know. If I had a choice to redo it all over again, I wouldn’t have given up all the books and all the knowledge that I have gained over the years especially in my youth. I wouldn’t have given up the hours and days I spent trying to make trebuchet’s and crossbows out of wood rather than playing with the kids outside. I wouldn’t have given up my Comodore 64 and Nintendo for the swings and monkey bars in the playground.

I wouldn’t have given up the scars for the future I know I can make.

It’s just when you cut yourself off from everyone else that you begin to have that sting of regret that comes with choice. Why can’t I be around the people my age? Why can’t older people take my words and works seriously? Why this and why that all around something you don’t even know how to control. All of it running through your mind so often that you actually understand now why a lot of child prodigies and stars have severe mental issues.

At the rate I’m going, I’m really not far off.

So what’s the point of this? No point really. It’s just been a quietly melancholic 24 hours where I usually realise that in the end there isn’t anyone I can really turn to for any issues that I have. It’s one of those mysteries in life that keeps me baffled and sighing till someone stands by to remind me they are there. Quite a lot like what I usually do with some of you all the time.

I call it narcissistic therapy.

You can call it a knock to the head from a friend who cares.

Go figure.

15 thoughts on “An Agnostic With A Bible Quote…

  1. I believe the correct term is ‘atheist’, not ‘agnostic’. slight difference there, but you’re definitely not an agnostic…

  2. The child is indeed still within the man, but he is not the child that ‘was’, for even the child within the man constantly changes. This is the reality you are facing – a conflict of your inner self and your ego.

    You must understand that within yourself–for this is the truth–there is a stronger and more powerful self, a larger self. And when the “little” self says, “I am afraid, and I will make excuses,” you must imagine the larger self saying, “I am strong. I will not allow the smaller self to make excuses. There is no need for them.”

    Your focus is now with this larger portion of yourself and this explains your mental age is beyond your time or “growing up too fast” as you put it.

    There are no divisions to the self. Those that you experience are illusions. Yet, those illusions are lovely. They are creative. They are valid experiences of reality.

    You are over concerned, however, about the nature of your own individuality, and afraid to open up to the greater areas of your own being. You are all of your selves at once.

    For the inner self knows who it is. The inner self knows the personalities that constantly emerge from its own being. And again, you are simply, understandably, trying to define the nature of creativity, and worried lest your own individuality be lost within it. And such is not the case.

    You have no escape; it is a particular reality in which you have chosen to know your existence, in which you have chosen to develop yourself and to flourish for a while. And in denying it, again, you deny the reality of experience.

  3. i believe ‘agnostic’ means those who are ignorant to the existence of God, like stillborn children or who had no opportunity to hear about him, e.g. hermits or disconnected people.

    if you’ve faith in God then you’re definitely not agnostic. But looks like you’re not atheist, too. Belief in God is important. Religion is not.

    But Kamigoroshi means God killer, no?

  4. In the dictionary, agnostic means a person who doubts religion. Athiests are those who deny the existence of God. It’s all in the dictionary, they are not the same.

    And yes…Kamigoroshi means God-Killer.

  5. I didn’t say they’re the same. They’re very different. give that agnostic doubt GOD, not religion. Very different.

    So are a God-killer or a religion-killer? Big difference there…

  6. Well..I was looking up Oxford anyway and the definition that give was doubt religion and thats what I’ve been following.

    Anyway…for me, it’s the God of religion which I metaphorically am against. Or at least the perception of God in religion. As long as people have those set beliefs rather than ideas, I’d always be an enemy against it.

  7. well, just want to say i liked your blog, and the intelligent discussion about it. many ppl in PPS are too narrow-minded and ignorant.

    keep blogging anything good or thought-provoking.

  8. I believe it is interesting to attempt to understand why it is people develop differently. I haven’t had any success with it personally; but I still find it fascinating. The problem seems to be; how come so many people are extroverted, while so very few seem to be introverted. With the internet growing in popularity as the decades roll on; it is no doubt easier for introverted people to express themselves, thus perhaps helping to realize that they are not quite so alone as they think; though the miles between may be large.

    It is strange that some people can seem to be so happy and carefree in life; while others are weighed down by things that are completely out of their control. Things that nag and eat away at them; make them question why does the human race exist at all; why them should bother even taking part in the great rat race. And I honestly have no answer for that. People classify this thought process as some sort of mental fault; perhaps giving it a label like depression. But if it’s your life and your outlook; how can it be depression if it’s who you are, how you see the world. It’s not good or bad; it’s just you. It seems to all be a matter of personal perspective; with some ego and delusional thought mixed in. Who is right? Who is wrong? Can someone who believes deeply in a faith ever be wrong? How will they know until they are dead? What could you say to make them see how foolish their beliefs are? Surely someone might say a person who believes in Roman god/myth is foolish; but current religions are completely valid. But why? Because of myth and legend? Because of the tradition of storytelling? Will hundreds of years pass and people will finally see todays religions are no more valid than those of that they disregard simply as people not knowing any better?

    I’d like to think eventually humans will let go of their security blanket; to realize that the only next great advances for humans will come from science. But I am not foolish enough to think it will happen in my lifetime. Science, rational thought, and logic all offer promises to the longevity of the human race. Religion at best offers an end to the physical experience of all human beings (Rapture); or eternal spiritual life that there is absolutely no basis for. Do you believe bugs go to heaven? What about other animals? We all evolved from the same sources; why are they not entitled to a heaven? And if they are; do we sin every time we kill a roach? Are we the god of insects because we can kill it at any moment; while it has absolutely no concept of what a human being is, and why that bug just died from a flyswatter? Surely not.

    No one can force enlightenment onto people; the same way no one can force the belief of faith in anything. Only you can come to enlightenment; or be content in faith of something, anything, as long as it’s not nothing. I personally see the former as the only rational truth; and the later as childish behavior that would be classified as delusional if it didn’t deal with someone’s spiritual belief system. Again; if you believe in something that there is no evidence for you are delusional and crazy (unicorns!), except when you are talking about god/spirituality/souls/religion. To believe in something is as good as to believe in nothing; and the reason is, you’ll never know until you die anyway. The question remains however; how some people are happy and content by simple things like tabloids and fashion; while some people want to just die because the world is just so off course of how it could and should be.

    Good luck out there; it’s certainly hell.

  9. Dear Endrei,
    I was brought up a catholic and over the years have studied the bible with different groups of christians,Mormans,Jehovahs witness, church of christ,ect.and I also have read many works by atheists,Dawkins and Robin Cook to name a couple. I have come to the conclusion that most of the bible is just moralaty stories and creation myths,written in a time when not very many people could read or write for themselves.Simple people getting simple stories that they could understand(children in effect) Now we understand much more about our world and the universe around us. Some people still need the idea that there is a god (children) but true grown ups can accept that he is a myth in the same ctagory as odin or zeus and others in the same catagory. To be an atheist is to be a true grown up.

  10. I don’t think it is at all odd to quote the bible, even if you are agnostic. The bible was written by great philosophers. There are many verses that have deep philosophical meaning, including the one you quoted (which happens to be one of my favorite verses). I am atheist, and have not read the bible in years, but I understand why it speaks to people. What I don’t understand is why people think the stories are historically accurate, or that it was divinely inspired. Anyways, cheers.

  11. Ed, you might go back and look at history. The major religions have been around for thousands of years and not posed a major threat to humanity’s continued existence.

    Science has been around for a few hundred years and now we can engineer diseases that could wipe out humanity, and already posses weapons capable of smashing our planet several times over. There is also nothing that can be derived from science that would tell us that we ought not to use them.

    It’s why states dedicated to “science” in the last century have been the most inhumane imaginable. Science can only tell you how to do something, it cannot tell you why you should or shouldn’t do it.

    Your claims to rational thought and critical thinking lie on a mass of unquestioned assumptions, the complete opposite of your professions.

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