Blog Evolution: My Blog Is Still My Own

I woke up today to find that people have been talking about blog re-invention. To change your blog into something else. A different style. A different taste. A different…something. Whatever it is, it’s just that your blog has become different to that of the one. I guess I’m not the only one undergoing a phase of blog evolution. Then again, when you come to think of it…all successful blogs do the same thing.

The thing is I notice a lot of people have different opinions about it. Some for the most part think that changing the way you blog means changing your layout or outlook into something else entirely whether it may be more or less pretty colours and different placement of their ads. True enough, Darren has had some dealing with this himself when he started the 31 Days Building A Better Blog project. The spirit is there, it’s just that it’s in the wrong place.

Some bloggers…well the ones I’m more familar with don’t believe in changing the way they blog. Their blogging philosphy has always been one thing, “My blog is my own style. If i change it I lose who I am.” It’s not to say a bad philosophy. No one is asking you to do a 180 when you blog. It’s just that…well…someone else has a better way to put it.

minishorts : si seluar pendek says:
I understand that you want to stick to that style, because you might wonder if you’re losing yourself if you slowly move away from that style. BUT STICKING TO A STYLE does not mean you cannot develop it!

I think that quite sums the entire idea up.

Of course, then you’ll definitely get people with the completely wrong idea entirely. I think I’ve mentioned this before when I started my Blog Evolution project. People who just copy other people’s styles without developing one of their own. Centerpide even blogged about this in his own way.

It just doesn’t work at all if the heart and soul of a blog remains stagnant. Blogs are about change. That’s the entire concept of it. You post regularly, you change the content. You feel your blog is hard to read, you change the theme. You think you’re writing too stiffly, you change your writing style.

It still revolves around what and how you write. That’s why even at the end of it, my blog and my style is my own. I just try and improve on it like all things could be done. I guess…like life…that’s what growing up is all about. It’s just that this time…it’s in our blogs.

minishorts : si seluar pendek says:
You want your readers to mature with you, and you with them. Not they maturing, and you stuck in a corner, still singing the same old song.

She’s got a point and you know it.

Update: It turns out Minishorts blogged about it as well and I just realised it. Hmm…this is really weird and uncanny.

Update: Eyeris mentioned something about growing up but for a slightly different matter which involves the Malaysian/Singapore blogosphere. Gee…a lot of people are talking about it. I think I know why.

4 thoughts on “Blog Evolution: My Blog Is Still My Own

  1. Thanks. Frankly I don’t think so since it’s been so quiet here lately. I’m starting to think I like the time when I was more whinny and there was a little more life in this blog. But thanks for the sentiment. 🙂

  2. Hmm, I guess I find it good lately is because you’re more focused as a blogger now. Not to say that whiny isn’t good. :p And not to say that it’s good either. 😀

  3. If a blog is an extension of ourselves, and we are in a state of change, it’s only natural for it to change with us. I’ve given my blog a complete makeover a few months back and more recently my photoblog, and will probably continue to tweak them as I see fit. Otherwise, as you say, they become stagnant to me, let alone readers.

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