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When did I ever become a person who writes about blogs and the stuff that blogs are made out off? What gives me the right to write about blogs and the the stuff that blogs are made out off? What gives me the responsibility to start talking to to friends about being a better bloggers and how they can improve themselves as bloggers?

Nothing at all I guess.

Then again, it seems like these days I’m trust into that role where I help people out in their blogs. Seems like I stopped whining about my own life and started doing something about the blogging world I am a part off. When did I start doing that? I don’t know. Why did I start doing it?

Maybe its the sense of decency and responsibility that every veteran blogger should do.

I mean, it’s nice and all that people like Minishorts or Peter are doing their part in…bringing out good blogs to the public. Of course, there are unfounded criticisms of promoting elitism and what other kind of nonsence naysayers say. It’s a good idea for something like that.

Then again, I like a personal touch to things.

When I started out blogging, the only person who walked be through all this…or at least tried to walked me through blogging was Minishorts. Of course, if anyone does bother to go through my older posts, you can tell that sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. There are times in whereby we just don’t talk because our philosophies clash too much.

But it is fair to say that throughout the years (has it been that long?) in which I have blogged, she has influenced me in well…many ways. My style of blogging has long since changed from the “noodle” posts of yesteryears. I still have personal issues about my hits and why it is taking so long for me to have more regular readers, but…I figure its time to move along and concentrate on other things.

Like giving the old blogosphere new blood.

Now, I’m not as well read around as other people who do the same thing. For some reason I can’t seem to find simple good local blogs even if my life depended on it. Call it bad networking. Then again…if you gave me a blog, I can tell you what you may need to make it better. I can tell you what you’re good as and what you need to work on. I can tell give you all the details you need.

But only as your friend.

Because when it comes down to it. Part of blogging is in building a relationship with other bloggers. I may read, I may comment on what facinates me, but as far as I have the right to tell you what makes a good blog. No. I don’t have the authority nor the credibility to openly tell people how to be better. Because if I were to be doing so, I might as well be talking to a wall…which is one of the issues I have when it comes to blogging.

So yeah, thats what has happned I guess. The evolution of the reason why I blog right now. Partly to help make sure fresh blood are good blood to start off with in the first place. Partly to make sure that the blogging world we live in isn’t entirely inhabited with “noodle” posts or formal essays or gung ho commenting. Partly to make sure blogging is done with the sense of personality, pride and sense that you can relate to with other people.

But mostly to be a friend in need and to repay the favour she did for me a long time ago.

They say blogging is life.

I’m just blog here to show you why.

The rest as they say…is up to you.

5 thoughts on “Blogging About Blogging For Blogging

  1. a well-thought and brilliantly written post, it’s good to have people like you helping new bloggers improve on their work… 🙂

  2. That just reminds me like you’re aiming to be blogging coach like ProBlogger. Hmm, seminar on blogging anyone? Just contribute RM50 to Edrei and he’ll teach about good blogging. Add in another RM50 you’ll get to see Minishorts there with nothing while telling you how to be a good blogger who’s true to yourself. 😛

    I hope she doesn’t come here. ROFL!

  3. Hahaha…she DID read this post anyway the moment it was published. I doubt she’ll be coming back to read it any time soon. So I think you’re fine…for now. 🙂

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