Book Keeping

Even for the most ambitious of us, there is a certain amount of distance we can travel before our given resources are stretched to the limit. I’m no exception to that rule. These past few days have been mind numbingly tedious and with all the changes around, it’s actually surprising that nothing out of the ordinary actually happened.

But that’s part of life isn’t it, the times when we take a step back from our journey on the road not to take a break, but to make sure that we don’t break down in the middle of it due to the wear, tear and the fact someone forgot to fill up the car and check the oil pressure before they set out.

Sometimes taking a break isn’t about making sure you relax after a tiring run, more often than not, taking a break is about tallying up your milage and keeping in check the needful things that you need to keep you on your way. In life that equates to making sure you still have enough to keep the food in your mouth and a roof over your head after all the changes that have taken place in your life which needless to say is why I have been busy of late.

Yet even if I don’t like it, some things have to be done. Some resources updated and the current stockpile tallied up and recorded for future use. If there is anything I’ve learnt along the way is never to waste what little we earn and never ever find yourself short on change in the middle of the road. A good lesson for a better part of life.

So for better or worse, some things have to be done. You can’t really predict where the road may take you in the end, but you can be assured that you’re going to go down some pretty muddy hills along the way. I just like to make sure that when I do come to those bumpy roads, I don’t get stuck in some ditch without any way out. I think that’s better than having to endure the monotonous book keeping don’t you think?

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