Brain Freeze 101…

People keep telling me that I think too much. The thing is, I don’t see how that’s ever possible. I do not see how it is possible for a person to think too much. I mean come on…think too little, that’s a more like it, we encounter THAT for a fact everyday. But we don’t push the fact that we should think more. That’s the problem.

These day’s I’m encountering more and more younger people who don’t spend their time in thought. It’s not just in the things they should be thinking about like their school work. It’s other things…personal activities, current issues, worldly events, life, love. And we wonder why there they are so much diciplinary problems among teenagers. It’s because of one simple reason…no one bothers to ever think these days.

It’s all about fun isn’t it? Yes…being a kid means well…being a kid. But an important part of being a kid is to learn as well. Learn from not just our mistakes, but the mistakes of others. As teens, we start moving between that age of innocence to the age of adulthood where reality can be a harsher teacher than any school teacher can ever be. Why is it most people and not just kids like to forget the bad things and just not think about it? I mean…we say move on with our lives…where did it say you shouldn’t ever think about it ever again?

I don’t know…it doesn’t just apply to teenager. it applies to every human being out there. Why do we start thinking AFTER things happen? Why couldn’t it be before it happened? Why couldn’t we have that gift of foresight so that at least we can spare ourselves the misery of being trapped in the ever sinking feeling of helplessness. People say I think too much all the time. I say if I can for see and solve my problems before it happens, then by all means, I’m NOT thinking too much. I’m thinking just right.

Who knows…maybe I will crack in due time and go stark raving mad. But for now, I’m not complaining…it does give me a headache every now and again but my thoughts have served me well in my times of trouble. It has served me well to foresee trouble and their solutions. It just has been my own personal light in reality’s cloudy darkness.

So all I can to those that do say I think too much is this…would you give up your last security blanket in the dying of the cold? Don’t expect me to give up mine…

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