Could You Make A Difference?

As a veteran Blogathoner, I’ve often wondered whether I’ve many any difference to the charities I’ve pledged myself to. Being a single person with a quest is admirable, but unless you have extraordinary qualities, being a single person hardly makes up for the task of changing the world or at least will find it a very rocky road to thread through.

Yet events such as this or even the simple acts of everyday life has the power to make a difference. The only thing is that it can’t be done by just one person. You still need a lot of people in on it for things to start changing. That’s usually where the problem lies.

It’s easy to work for something that you believe in. My choice in my career as a medical scientist and biotechnologist for instance, is not something I blundered into. Neither are my choices of charity or goodwill. They all have a reason and it’s part of what makes me who I am. The hard part is convincing other people that your cause is justified. That whatever you believe in should be something worth paying attention to even if for a moment.

Human beings aren’t naturally altruistic. People don’t usually help other people unless they have a personal reason or if it benefits them. As cynical as that sounds, when is the last time you stopped and listened to street musicians play on the curb or tossed in a couple of coins to that homeless man by the corner? Like I said, we aren’t naturally that generous, so I’ve always had that problem in inviting people to join me in making a difference for causes I believe in.

So this year, I’d thought I’d make a difference not only to the charity I’m backing, but to myself as a person who’s going in all the way. For a couple of months now, I’ve been slowly earning money through the ads on this blog. It just so happens that in a few weeks, I’ll be getting my hands on the first paycheck. So instead of spending it on what I really wanted to buy, I’m going to donate all of it to a cancer based charity.

Now don’t congratulate me on this one or say that it’s a noble thing to do. It’s already something that I’m willing to do in the first place so it makes no difference one way or another that I donated what I could. What I’m doing is what anyone in my position would do. What’s really noble is when you go out of your way to do something out of goodwill without an ulterior motive to accomplish it. That’s something to cheer about.

That’s something I hope to see more often. Then again, we can only but do what we can and dream of the rest. How much a difference can you make, when you’re the only one that believes in the things that you do?

3 thoughts on “Could You Make A Difference?

  1. One person most definitely can make a difference. Examples abound: parenting, mentoring a younger or new colleague and registering to vote and voting. ‘Baby Boomers” know this, of course 🙂

  2. Pelf: You write pretty well as it is. Don’t put yourself down on it. Every one of us has our own writing style.

    Cheryl: How right you are! Raising a child or mentoring the younger generation is a way of making a difference. After all, our children are our future. Got to raise them right to make an impact. If only other people realised that.

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