Could You Sacrifice The Things You Care For?

The realization dawned to me today that in my moving, I have to sacrifice what I’ve grown attached to and cared for the past 2 years. Even if it wasn’t mine to start out with, my feline companion has always made my day by showing up in front of my doorstep in anticipation of its food, a good rub or being cheeky enough to slip into the house for a good scent mark.

Regardless of what that meant, the time spent will soon just like that. Housing agents don’t look to kindly upon pets, especially ones that aren’t supposed to be on the premises or if neighbors complain. It doesn’t matter if your pet is the nicest thing in the world, if some things are written in black and white, they are meant to be followed and enforced with full authority.

That leaves little to compensate for. For what do you do when you’re faced with desperate times with an opportunity for salvation? The right thing, of course.

So I am going to miss his sleek jet black fur and piercing green eyes. But for what’s best for everyone, the only thing we can do is leave the things we have to leave behind and find a home for the things we can’t deny. Sacrifice is a bitch no matter what the intentions were to begin with.

I can only imagine what it’s like when the day comes to sacrifice the people that I care for. For better or for worse, it’s always a matter of perspective. For better or for worse, it’s always a necessary evil. One I hope I can live with.

Just like I did with my cat.

3 thoughts on “Could You Sacrifice The Things You Care For?

  1. “the only thing we can do is leave the thing we have to leave behind and find a home for the things we can’t deny.”

    Dunno why but it reminds me of the old folks home and the orphanage I recently visited. I too lost a friend last month – a stray cat that had bonded with me so much the last 2 years it could reconize me in a street full of strangers. I suspect it was poisoned by a neighbor who didn’t like it hanging around. Took it 3 months to die a painful death, first by going blind, then by losing all its body mass and finally losing all energy to move. In the vicious fight to preserve our own life and well being we sometimes lose all love and respect for others. I suppose that is the grim reality.

  2. I can’t relate to pets so forgive me if my comment steers in another direction. I wouldn’t want to think we’d sacrifice people. The word gives it some control, as if we choose to do so instead of having no choice in the matter. I agree it’s inevitable that we lose people, but if we could hold onto them, wouldn’t we?

  3. Tang: Assuming that we have that love and respect to begin with. Sometimes it’s not all needed to where we’re headed. That grim reality is, that ambition always comes at a cost. Sometimes there is no room for compassion or mercy.

    Clea: We would I guess, but there are times when life makes you choose between holding on to what you want and reaching out to what you need. When you have to pick either one or another, could it be a simple choice? Probably not.

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