Damn You Religious People

If I don’t say this now, I would never say it at all.

All you religious fundementalists are fucking anal hypocrites who give their belief a very bad name. It doesn’t matter what denomination you are, as long as you put your belief to the point where you see nothing else but what you dig up, you’re no longer in the right, because fanatics rarely have any justification to be right on anything.

Blind faith is…well…blind really. You can argue with people over and over again that your side is right and everyone else is wrong but then, what’s there to it? It doesn’t feed you when you’re hungry or clothe you when you’re cold. All it does is give everyone sane person the reason they need to leave you the fuck alone.

Me, I really do not see a point in the whole thing. Religion is religion and God is God. All the arguments are based on the mere interpretations of how you see God with religion being a mirror in the dark. So say what you will, but I don’t have to pick a side to know that there is a beginning and an end. I don’t have to choose to follow the rules you set for us to know whether there is a heaven or a hell.

This is the reason why I would choose to be agnostic and stay the fuck away from religious people, because at the end of it, I don’t have to have rules that run my life shoved down my throat against my will. Because I don’t have to suffer the indignity of having to admit that for the better part of your a religion that is meant to promote peace, tolerence and above all, UNDERSTANDING between different people could be so twisted that while the other side condemns the religion for being one born out of the sword, your side is going all out to prove that the misunderstood people are right. What logic is this?!

So no. As long as I’m going to be here in this country where I’m free to believe that I want. I will be free to follow what I know is not the right side…but the better side of things. In this conflict of belief, there are no winners. There is no right and wrong side to this. All that there is, is bloodshed and very very bad headaches from arguments that can never be settled on a table.

I don’t like headaches. I don’t like things that give me a headache. So I leave it the fuck alone. At least until I write another post about it. So try not to bring it up much.

7 thoughts on “Damn You Religious People

  1. Talking to someone with blind faith is just like talking to a bad record. It just repeats the same thing again and again and does not listen to what you say.

    Sadly, it not only applies to a person with blind faith, but close minded people as well.

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