Death Amongst A Single Thought

Sometimes death has a way of showing us how different and unique we are as individuals walking along this road in life.

“I think the universe sort of took him back to remind us of something”

“And here I am thinking how awesome would it be to sit by his autopsy.”

It’s a paradox that with death, the end of one’s life, comes a certain perspective and appreciation for living. Whether it be universal introspection or scientific curiosity, we each deal with it in different ways. Ways that reflect the kind of person we are and the kind of life we have lived. But death still touches us in ways that not even emotion can adequately express. So we deal with the best we can, because the alternative means becoming the things we should never be.

And that isn’t living a life at all.

2 thoughts on “Death Amongst A Single Thought

  1. It really pulled us down seeing others loosing their spouses at an unexpected early age. It does make me appreciate my partner better but it’s like only for 2 weeks then it’s well forgotten? LoL… Life’s like drawing without an eraser. Yiekes! Afterall, that’s the fun part of life without which we wld be living a too well planned life but never really lived our lives.

  2. Welcome to the blog BeingMrs. 🙂

    You can either learn from it or lose the moments entirely. The thing is, such appreciation for what you have only comes when it is you facing those moments. By that time it is usually too late and the only moments you can appreciate are in the future.

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