Freedom Is So Many Words

Freedom is an idea. A concept. One followed by all people who feel oppressed under the rules and regulations that they feel are unjust and that maybe, there is a better future out there.

Freedom is a nightmare. An enigma. One forged under the realisation that maybe you might not be able to handle the responsibility of dealing with the consequences of your actions.

Freedom is a road. A journey. One that lies before you, feral and unpaved, for you to tame, for you to build, for you to walk forward, should you choose to accept it.

Freedom is your favourite shirt. One we revered, overused then taken for granted in the face of what it’s supposed to be and left to be thrown away in the corner as what was once beautiful has now become a dirty tattered rag.

Freedom is a white canvas. One we paint on, where we are responsible for every colour, every purposeful stroke and every ugly mistake. Honest and undeniable, there is no going back, there is only the picture that we must finish.

Freedom is you. It is me. It is your father, your mother, your brothers, your sisters and your friends. It is what we define. It is what we create. It is what we fear. It is what we will bear. It is the action. It is the consequence. It is a simple thing. It is a complicated task. It is right. It is wrong.

It is a choice. And it all starts with you making one and sticking to it.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia.

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