Freedom Of Speech: Jailed For Stupidity

The first thing I was pointed to the moment I woke up was this little piece here which lead me to this other little piece here and here and even a wiki site here. So for those of you who don’t feel the need to start clicking on links yet, let me give you the whole gist of the story in a nutshell.

Two people got sent to jail for seditious acts of writing.

Now being a believer in freedom of speech, naturally you would expect me to defend things like this. Then again for those of you who feverishly defend freedom of speech to a near zealot like attitude. Let’s just recap what you’re about to do. You…want to defend the freedom of speech…for hate speech? Let’s give a moment for that line to sink in.

Seriously, some people believe that all forms of speech should be free to be expessed…loudly. I’ve said it before and I say it again, the only people who have the right to not shut up about whatever things are on their mind are old people who keep going on and on about things they have done in the past. They pretty much deserve it. We young people..who haven’t seen much things in our lives…what right do we have to say whatever single thing is on our head just because we feel life it?

Think about it this way, if everyone had the sense to control what they say or even how they should say it, I don’t think there would be laws against this sort of thing. I mean…laws…no matter how ridiculous and mundane they might seem are there to maintain order and protect the public from itself. The fact two people got arrested from writing racial hate speech…is a testiment to a law that actually works.

People have to realise that the freedom to speak comes with the responsibility to speak. Yes, when people are arrested or beaten down because they print the other side of a political story. I agree…that’s the kind of freedom of speech we should be advocating. I mean the other sides of political stories…not the arrested and beaten down bit. People have to realise that words are a powerful thing and to coin a cliche – with power comes the responsibility to wield it – or as Suanie would put it in a nutshell.

Don’t fuck your rights up

Point made.

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