Freedom Of Speech: The Continuing Stupidity

Just when you think that people can’t get any more stupid. They prove you wrong. It turns out that the people who have raised the bar on stupidity is none other than people in our own country. The result of which? A fellow blogger and friend had to make a call to his ISP to shut down his own blog not because of contents he put.

But because of comments other people wrote.

This reminds me of that time a blogger got sued for what other people have commented on his site and is talked about briefly here. Now I’ve talked about this before a lot and it just frustrates me how many people actually fail to notice the possibility of thigs like this until it actually happens.

Now I hold a zero tolerence attitude to both spam and trolls especially trolls with nothing better to say. This means that anything that has particularly offensive content would be immedietly deleted. Since I keep tabs on what comments come in and have particular keywords monitored, that pretty much keeps me safe. Which brings me to some few questions.

  1. Will all bloggers adapt a similar strategy in the future?
  2. Would there be actual black and white laws protecting us from things like this in the future?
  3. Would this compromise the freedom of speech?

I think the bottom line is that as long as stupidity exists, the very heart of freedom of speech would always be compromised. It’s like having democracy and having hillbilly yokels put a complete retard in charge of the whole nation because it appeals to them. It doesn’t really work. So what good is freedom of speech if we don’t have a rights or ability to protect ourselves from the blatant misuse of something that’s supposed to be good?

Would we all become China-like dictators of our own blog, constantly monitoring and moderating what’s been said and who says it to stem the tide of stupidity and protect ourselves from being prosecuted by a law that’s meant to keep the peace?

Advocates of freedom of speech would still say this moderation is not upholding the right to freedom of speech. But what choice do we have? Between protecting stupid hate comments and myself. I would think it makes more sense to protect your own self rather than defending stupidity. But hey…whatever makes you happy.

I agree with Mack that this issue needs to be address, but it should have been addressed a long time ago and not in the near future. If Malaysia’s side of the blogosphere is literally exploding with blogs that have the ability to say what they want, then we should really have that law right now. Peter could be considered really lucky that nothing legally bad has happened. But how long should we wait till we actually have a legal casuality due to blogging? How long till we realise this is something we got to be proactive about?

I for one don’t want to wait for bad tidings to come beforehand…so in the mean time, I do what I have to do to protect myself, and I suggest, every single one of us does the same thing too.

18 thoughts on “Freedom Of Speech: The Continuing Stupidity

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  2. i’m not sure why ppl want to cheapen the meaning and preciousness of ‘freedom of speech’ to the extent that its definition is extended to atrocious levels. To say ‘I’m going to say whatever i want,’ and then justify it with ‘you don’t violate my right to speech freedom,’ is just atypical of people who do not know why they’re brains are located at the top of their bodies and not in their asses.

  3. Minishorts: you are free to do whatever you want as long as you do not cause a broader harm to society. you can interpret it however you want but that is a Framework has been rationally adopted. I don’t see what’s wrong with “I am gonna say whatever I have to say as long as I don’t slander you” and if I do, the law rightfully kicks in (interpret LAW at will)

    kamigoroshi: Has it ever occur to you that you were talking about the same thing over and over? That you don’t want to get jailed because someone exercised his freedom of speech? Have you ever questioned that was it even justified that someone was jailed by “Seditious” Act? You are afraid of freedom of speech because you are afraid of an unrational Law (bear in mind, this unjustified law is not the same law that was supposed to protect people’s right as I mentioned in my response to Minishort) This law (I.S.A. or whatever abbreviations they use in Spore and other dictatorial countries to bullshit their people) that jails people is Draconian. It condescends people’s intelligence and works thru FEAR. A just law that is truly meant to protect society is transparent and can be debated in the public- and since NONE of these “Sedition Acts” law can stand such test- they are all bullshit, and you have been bullshitted.

    You are afraid of the repercussions from the freedom of speech that was caused by stupid undemocractic laws. And in turn you believe that freedom of speech is a bad thing.

    You have just been bamboozled by I.S.A.

  4. Remove ISA or other Seditious Acts that throw people into prison the moment they opine Against their country and replace it with a true democratic justice system ala USA or Europe that is open and Transparent- You can only get into trouble if you open your mouth to slander or libel- Would you still believe that Freedom of Speech is a bad thing?

    I hope not.

  5. i think its the americanism in kit. he’s so cute. I LOVE HIM TO BITS. yay.

    no where did i mention the law and i’m am very amused that i ruffled your feathers. be as it you will.

  6. I just had one idiot on my blog telling me I shouldn’t be telling ppl off for spamming on PPS.. like wtf…

  7. Here’s a guideline to all the nitwits who decide that, thanks to freedom of speech, they think it’s okay to crap in someone else’s lawn.Feel free. No one can stop you from saying whatever you want.Don’t start whining when you get punched in the face / peerlessly mocked by intelligences far greater than your puny minds / sued / arrested for sedition. Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequence.Take your medicine like a grown-up, not the whiny little milquetoast you’ll be making yourself out to be once someone’s kneecap is embedded in your groin.

  8. You know, it’s kind of annoying when the comments system strips out almost all the formatting. Now my comments look incomprehensible.

  9. T-Boy: The thing isn’t just about people who think it’s freedom from responsibility. The problem lies when the REST of us pay for their responsibility. Because there is nothing to protect us at this moment when someone misuses the system…it can be very bad indeed.

    Huh? My comments don’t strip formatting. They never do. Maybe you were using the wrong code. It follows HTML fine. Maybe I should put quicktags and make it much easier.

  10. one man’s meat is another man’s poison….one thing I’ve learn surfing the net for a few years is that, if you don’t like what you are reading….don’t read – surf somewhereelse.

    as for peter tan – i understand where he is coming from but doing what he did is just making it bigger.
    he can or should make his blog – only for personal use, then he wouldn’t have to sweep up “the goodman” shit or anybody else shit for that matter.

    as for the “goodman” – he is entitle to his shit, man…i read his shit….not all was shit. Like i said earlier – we all have a choice whether we want to read it and be offended or read it and be not offended or DON”T READ and don’t feel anything !!!!!!!

    sorry for the rant….i just think people should not get so uptight – life is so, so short – learn to enjoy life,man………..later.

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