God, Beer And Relationships

A few weeks, a friend of mine told me that she is going to leave her entire relationship in God’s hands. Despite being the scientific agnostic at heart, I actually understood the whole term of leaving the entire relationship in God’s ever fidgity hands, though I didn’t actually think about it until today.

It turns out that some of the best laid plans in life, especially in regards to a relationship always starts in the best in being laid back. Let that soak in first. I can wait. I’ve got chips.

Looking back at all the relationships that I have been before, it’s pretty obvious that me being me, I can’t leave things alone. I am by nature a person continuously tweaks and pushes something until it either becomes the best…or it breaks. Unfortunately when it comes to relationships, you can’t tweak things until they become the best…more often than not, things end up breaking, which is was pretty obvious in my last relationship.

So what’s there to do in life when you’re in a situation where you are with someone else that you might probably love? Do you shower her with devotion and self-sacrifice? Do you buy her many things and surround her with physical objects of sentimentality? Do you spend every waking moment with her and attend to her wants and needs followed by physical sweet nothings?

I used to believe in all those things, making a near-career out of giving the right advice for the right people at the right moments. But there comes a point where you realise that if you want a relationship to last, if you want to know what really works in the end…the best thing you could ever do when you’re in a relationship is by taking it easy and doing what makes the most sense to you and the person you love (or probably love).

The thing is, when you reached a level of experience that comes with having a certain amount of relationships or heartbreaks, you’re entitled to the reality that there are no rules of engagement in a relationship. What works for some people may never work on others and vice versa. You can’t pre-plan nor can you predict and anticipate what may happen throughout the course of your relationship with a person because life and love is just too unpredictable for that.

The best you can do though is to take everything as they come…or in other words…leave everything in God’s hands and just deal with what comes right ahead of you. Then again, most of the women I involve myself with were never really the religious type. More to the point, she’s a firm believer of the good brew on a hot day. So at the end of it, it comes down to this:

“Love is just another cold beer on the porch, it cools you down on a hot day, washes all your worries away and sometimes you feel like anything is possible, but don’t drink it too fast, otherwise what’s left is a empty can to throw away and a bitter taste in your mouth”

I think she’ll definitely like that saying. Now I know what to make for her Christmas present.

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