Hand Of God…

Some people asked me receltly how is it I can spew philosophy day after day and not stop doing so. I answered, simple…life always gives me the things which I need to say. It’s uncanny, it’s strange and creepy and it’s so downright unscientific that Gil Grissom would definitely be disappointed and screaming for cover. But nevertheless here I am again…with something else life kept repeating today. From Moral Studies class, to what someone randomly said in a chatroom a few minutes ago when the topic was about cars. Today folks…it’s about Fate and Destiny.

Sure…we’ve ALL heard of it before. I think I must have mentioned it a few times too on my blog. Sure alot of us has ideas about it, but hey…we got to add a few more things to the list too. Why is it that alot of us think that everything in our lives are written in stone. Why is it that alot of us believe that everything we do is destined by some higher power and force. Some of you may be people that believe that our destiny is in our own hands…but truth is…it’s only a minority of people who believe in such things. The rest…well…you get the point.

Thing is, most people often confuse themselves with destiny and fate. People think they are both one of the same thing, but in reality, they are not. Maybe we’re fated to experience things in the roads take. Maybe that’s the one thing that we can’t escape. The events and experiences on the choices we make in our lives would always be same. Friends we make can die, money we earn can go up in smoke, goals we work for can be shattered.

But in the end, no matter what befalls us…all we have is ourselves right? People say God helps those that helps themselves. Well…I’m not that much of a believer that God can give you the omnipotent hand. But I’m a believer that we can actually change things to our way should we choose to help ourselves. That’s our destiny alright…whatever we choose it to be. Fate’s just the things that are in our way…we still have to walk over the other side on our own with or without help. Whatever you set your mind to, as long as you’re willing to fight it down to tooth and claws is entirely possible.

How else can you explain life’s little miracles? How else can the deaf hear? The mute talk? The Lame walk? Not just the hand of God most of the time too. The best miracles are the ones where you realise your own abilities and determination to rise above whatever pulls you down. The best miracles are the ones not where fate intervenes but where the hand…YOUR hand works the miracle.

Destiny is another way of saying it’s your responsibility and your life. That’s definitely one way of looking at things. Oh won’t Gil Grissom be so “proud”…

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  1. God created the world and set it in motion with all the scientific laws put into it to govern it and he has left to create other worlds. So, Whatever you do will be a cause that will bring an effect onto you.

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