Happy Five Years (and Two Months) Of Blogging

You know, without quite realizing it. This blog. This Footsteps in the Mirror has been up and running for more than half a decade. It’s true, it’s been 5 years worth of posts and I completely forgot the significance of the date. I suppose that blogging for so long with an everyday reason calls for some sort of celebration. Yet, at the end of the day, it can only be passed by with a certain silence. The fact that I’ve completely forgotten about it says something about blogging and I guess what comes to mind is as good a celebratory cheer as any.

There comes a point every blogger’s life where they decide whether or not the blogs they keep has any meaning to them. For most people, blogs are just a tool, an instrument that lives as long as it’s any use to them, either practically or for their own amusement. For what’s left of us, blogging will eventually become the extension of our own selves. A place where our principles, feelings, ideas, thoughts and opinions bleed into the very fabric of our words.

For the latter, blogging will never be their life. Instead, blogging will eventually become a part of their lives. Their experiences, living every single waking moment, will cast a reflection on what they decide to put down.

So that is why all of you know me as a person who would tries hard to hide his desire to be popular. That is why you know me as a person who is good at the things he does. That is why you know as a person who is sweet and sensitive. A person who is constantly melancholic. A person who is always in constant thought. A person with a different sense of perception. A person who is a cheeky flirt. A person who will stop at nothing to reach for the things he wants.

A person.

That is who I am on this blog. That’s what makes me real. That’s what makes this blog real. Whatever strengths and weaknesses, whatever is part of me I choose to share in my words, I make no excuses for it. Only in quiet contemplation of what was, so to move on to what could be.

After 5 years (and two months, shouldn’t forget the two months) of blogging, maybe there isn’t any more need to celebrate this milestone. Maybe there isn’t any need to celebrate over 1700 posts, almost 6000 comments and nearly 240 thousand visitors. It might not be much for people out there who do it more effectively than I do, but it gives no reason to show that they do it any better than what I’m doing. For that thought at least, numbers don’t make any difference.

Maybe in silently passing my 5 year mark by, I’ve come to realize that this blog. My blog. Should be celebrated in terms of the milestones that I achieve in my life. The milestones that make up part of me and through me, a part of this blog. This blog, and perhaps all blogs of this nature, should be a celebration of our own lives, not a celebration of itself.

Perhaps I have changed much over the years since I’ve first blogged. For better or for worse, that’s at least something to cheer to. And since there is no mood like a good mood. So why not cheer with me?

15 thoughts on “Happy Five Years (and Two Months) Of Blogging

  1. Perhaps it’s no longer the milestone of time, but the milestone of events happening instead that’s important.

    At the end of the day, isn’t that the most important? :3

  2. Wow, that’s a huge milestone. Felicitations!

    I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog a couple of years ago and stayed on. Love the way you write; the way you so subtly expose a part of your life but then pull back and yet let go. That kinda thing (don’t really know how to explain). And happy to gain a friend when I came here knowing so few people 🙂

    I look forward to reading 5 years more of you. So don’t quit 😉

  3. Kris: Exactly. 🙂 5 years AND 2 months. 😛

    Naoko: Yup, that’s what I mentioned. It’s now about what we achieve in our lives. Rather in my blog, what I have been achieving in my life.

    Tine: Has it been that long? You know you should explain to me what you mean because that sentence was lost to me there. 🙂 Considering I’m only 5 hours away, 5 years more of reading me sounds too long a concept to be part of my life. 🙂

  4. 5 years and 2 months, 1700 posts, almost 6000 comments and nearly 240 thousand visitors….
    Wow…that is quite a feat!
    Congrats! Keep it up!

  5. QuaChee: Not impressive at all. Just looking back at life one day at a time.

    Eli James: Nothing to be amazed at. When you get to this point. You’ll feel the same way.

    Point: Less so than a lot of other bloggers out there. Nothing to keep up with. It’s a hobby after all, not a sport. 🙂

  6. Congrats – I’m proud to have been a reader for the two lonely months that aren’t included in the first five years.

  7. Thank you and a big welcome to the blog Corey, since this is your first time commenting. 🙂

  8. Shucks Cléa, it’s nothing much. All it takes is a life where so many things happen and a mind that imagines so many things happening. 🙂

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