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Another day, another questions to answer. Our regular question-of-the-day site – Quofda – comes out with a question I wouldn’t mind answering. Come to think of it, I’ve never really answered this question in all the years writing my mind vomit. So what better way to answer it now, to whether or not I think I have found my calling in life?

To me, finding your calling is just another way of asking “what is the meaning of my life?”. It’s not a question to be taken lightly. Even if all of us ask that question at one point in our lives or another, most of us don’t care to find the elusive answer, putting it aside in favour of dealing with the more tangible things in their lives. But finding the answer is perhaps one of the most important things we have to do. The answer defines who we are, it tells us what we are able to accomplish, and ultimately where we stand in the grand scheme of things.

Because the way I see it, life is simply a clockwork machine where everyone makes up the cogs and gears that run the machine. Finding your purpose, your calling is about finding out where you are in the machine. Knowing what you are able to do, gives you a chance to move the parts around you, to shape the world around you. It’s not an ability to be taken lightly, then again, neither is the answer to the question.

Ever since I was a child, my upbringing forced me to forever find an answer to “who am I?” and “what do I want?”. I have laughed for it, cried for it, bled for it, even faced death for it. After the longest years of my life, I finally understood who I am and what I am. At first I didn’t want to believe because truth is never a pretty thing, but in accepting the worst parts with the best, I found out where I stand and what I can do. I found my calling in life and it’s simply this.

My role has always been to help people, to nurture and to guide people to be the best they can ever be.

It didn’t matter what I did or what road I took. It mattered that everything I’ve lived for was meant to bring out the truth in people. To help them find a way in their lives. Whether it was being a friend, a counsellor, a prefect, an advice columnist or even a scientist, it has always been a road that I walked on with everything that makes me who I am.

Being a scientist right now is just fulfilling a position I was suited for. To help people with the best of my abilities at the source of the problem. Even if I didn’t choose to be where I am, I would always see myself in a position where I can lend a hand or maybe an ear or maybe even pull strings at a source if I could. My methods may be far from being orthodox, but that’s what puts me in a unique position to be what I am to people living their world in routine. It is what I do, so rather than deny it, why not make the best of it?

It’s no secret that finding your calling in life helps you find some measure of peace, but it doesn’t end there. It means then that you know you’re responsible for your own meaning and direction in life, that you can no longer afford to float around aimlessly where the wind blows like the rest of the world. Your calling is both a sense of freedom and a burden depending on how you see it.

Maybe that’s why people don’t really bother to look out for it and never find it throughout their lives. Not many people can accept that the calling of their natures can be so different from the life they have come to live with. Some days, I don’t know who’s the smarter one. For the rest of it though, I couldn’t imagine myself standing on anywhere else but where I was meant to be.

3 thoughts on “Hello. This Is Your Calling Speaking

  1. How come this post pop up as your most recent update on my feed reader today. ‘m using sage. I am also constantly searching for my calling. But unlike you who could stick with your degree oursuit through and through, my education pathway has met with many turns. The M’sian way to teaching in colleges and niversities is suffocaing me. I made it through classes. ot some As and Bs…. the grade is just to say I am living up to expectations. But something is lacking. I don’t feel as if I am able to study the best I can around here. And I am the kind who needs to love what I do. When lecturers do not invest their time in teaching, when they merely replicate textbooks in classrooms just to do their job, I can feel it and it affects my emotions when studying. And I would feel that this something isn’t right But I don’t tell it to people because it’s like saying you can’t study when in fact, you feel suffocated. o I’m applying to the U.S. and hope my dream would be granted. Just like you, I feek my calling is in the academia, to help people at a macro level. But unlike you, I have not been able to progress in consistent and timely fashion.

  2. It’s all about conviction I guess Yvonne. It didn’t matter what field I was in. Academia, blue collar jobs or even manual labour. As long as I fulfilled what I felt was right for me, to lend a hand and guide people, that would have been enough. I only picked the path where I walk on because I rationalised it to be the most effective way of doing what I do. It’s not to say it was an easy road either. I paid for it in a lot of ways. It didn’t matter how long it took or what stood in my way. I just did it. The rest comes naturally.

  3. True that. We both did not end up where we are easy. I wanted to become a Psychologist as a child, but did not have the means to study it. Then, I was diagnosed with NF, went through surgeries and raised funds for my healthcare. Only then, people started knowing me and colleges offered me scholarships. But just like you, when I found out Psychology would be too expensive, I contemplated doing other things that would enable me to help people. Perhaps my childhood desire wasn’t the beginning. Perhaps the beginning was when the diagnosis came.

    Right now, I think of doing research after my Bachelor’s. Cuz without hearing, I can’t go into counseling. But if I end up doing other things, I would have no complains as long as I find meaning in them. There’s so much one can do with what we learn in school. ie. I also have interest in law, which is useful for a Psychologist, or social work, or just any role player in the community.

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