Highway To A Place I Have No Clue About

If life is a highway in which there are many lanes, bypasses and offramps to places that are both wonderful and terrifiying, then it’s obvious that one way or another we’re going to be changing lanes, highways or stopping by places to eat and pee. In that retrospect, I think I have changed lanes and highways a couple dozen times and been to a lot of places to pee. I drink a lot. Of course I have to stop somewhere and pee.

I think I’m digressing.

It turns out that I’m still on the same highway in life and the only thing that’s changed is that I’m on a different lane. Maybe it’s better lane, I do not know. What I do know is that I can now look back on the old lane and smile knowing that while it was good (and often terrifying) while it lasted, it was time to move on to something better than being stuck on a traffic jam in the middle of the freeway.

The bottom line that doesn’t involve highways is that I’m different. You know it. I know it. You don’t know whether it’s good or bad. All I can see that I’m perfectly comfortable where I’m standing. I think for a while now, it has been reflected back at those of you who know me best through what I’ve been writing. No longer was it what it was before, but something more and I can’t quite place it myself.

Life can be horrible. You know I lived it. You know you have lived it. Maybe it isn’t as much as much about changing what has happened or what can happen. Maybe it’s about changing how you see things that happened and can happen. And maybe that’s what I’ve changed. The way I see things. It isn’t your way, or your way, or your way either. It’s just my way. From there, well, I’ll just have to work out if there are any bumps along the road. I wouldn’t mind the company though. The road is a little more interesting when you have people in the car with you. Just one thing though.

Can we please not have any backseat drivers? I’m sure you can drive just as well on your own if you keep telling people where they should go.

3 thoughts on “Highway To A Place I Have No Clue About

  1. Problem is some people have no fucking idea what they are talking about where they are going.

    They really need a cup of STFU some good clear directions.

  2. I don’ wanna drive alone 🙁

    Hows u man? U r one silent creepy creature on my blog.. marking his presence when I have given up of seeing you there 😀

  3. ShaolinTiger: Maybe some people know it isn’t always about what they are talking about where they are going. But why they talk about it how they are going. It’s not always obvious to the clueless backseat drivers.

    Nayan: No one likes to drive alone, though sometimes we kinda have to. I’ve been fine. I drop by from time to time when time allows. Make my presence known when really needed. You know…usual stuff. 🙂

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