How To Control Fate…

In life, timing is everything. Have you ever just got out of your house and missed that ride to work only to end up an hour late for everything. Or walked into a place to meet someone you never thought you’d meet in a city so large. Or even the simple things like doing many things at once to have them start and finish at the same time in successive cycles. Timing is everything alright, and in the life I live…

Timing is my whole world.

Little do most people know, let alone understand that our lives…all our lives are just a series of connected moments within moments. A fusion everyone’s time and moments together into a working whole. A seredipity of people’s lives all interacting with one another, moving in a fluidic sea of influencial nudges and altering crossroads.

When you begin to see that all around you, you begin to learn how you can toy with fate. Because when you think about it as well, fate really is a series of events that are not directly in your hands…and I express the word “directly” very strongly. When you understand that since everything is connected to each other and the only catalyst for things happening is time. When you do things at the right time…you can get the things you want at the right place.

It’s that simple…and it works.

It’s all about the chaos theory and the butterfly or snowball effect. When you begin to understand the rules on how human beings operate, you can influence them to influence others to go the way you would expect them to go. Every little thing builds up as a series of seemingly random individual events until when the time is right, you make your move and finish what you started in the first place.

To those who are aware, you’d know what I’m talking about. The simplicity of the human mind, especially in regards to their own thoughtful insecurities. The more self-righteous a person is in regards to a material world, the more fractured they are to their surroundings and thus easier to understand, easier to work with them to what you need to do provided you know how to push their buttons.

It’s just all about timing.

It’s just that my timing has been off a lot lately. Oh I still do have that knack of being at the right places at the right times doing the right things, just that on average, I keep missing out on a lot of things as well. My…focus has been off a lot lately and no points for guessing why I’ve been off my head these past few months anyway.

It doesn’t matter anyway, as always…it takes time for best laid plans to come to fruitation so it’s going to take some while for whatever I am doing right now to show itself. I just got to keep an eye out for the right time. Just got to work on it a little harder to get everything back on track.

There is no rest for vigilant and needy.

There is only the right time to finish it.

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  1. hey i would have edited the previous comment but I couldn’t. My question is: Does the author really believe what he is saying and does or has it affected him well financially? Understanding money isn’t everything but it helps in a capitalistic world.

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