I Remember The Reasons That I Forgot

Some days, I forget the reasons why I don’t want to be around people. I forget that the world isn’t always forgiving of an honest opinion. That people can’t be objective without being emotionally opinionated first. That it is easier to be a hypocrite and maintain a social standing than it is to be alone and maintain a principle.

Some days I forget that there was a reason why people left me alone. I forget that we don’t always speak the same language. That whatever I have to say isn’t something people usually enjoy talking about. That what people usually do isn’t something I can join in without wishing how did it ever come to this and how can I get out of it.

Some days I forget that there was a reason why I am me. I forget that is a part of me that wishes there could be more people that enjoy the same world I live in. That in my own perfect space, torturing stupidity would be an acceptable and legal form of entertainment. That somehow I don’t have to resort to writing down so many lines in a digital world to share with someone my own thoughts and feelings which I don’t do in the real world.

Some days I remember what it’s like to be the me I know. I remember that I usually stop musing about it at this point because life’s too short to wonder what you are and who you were supposed to be. That what matters is how happy or content we are with the person we’ve become or the company we choose to be with. That some things are worth sticking up to regardless of what happens.

So you remember and that’s what you tell yourself.

2 thoughts on “I Remember The Reasons That I Forgot

  1. Sometimes I hate people in general. Misanthropy or mysogyny. Whatever you call it. I don’t like how they are quick to judge, eager to critic. Then I remember, maybe people hate me too, for different reasons. Fair enough.

    But most of the days, people are likable and so am I. 😉

  2. Almostloved: I tend to think that people become likable when they want something from you. They become your best friend in order to get you to do things for them. At least that’s every human contact I have experienced in my life. Far and few in between want to be around me just because they want my company. Which is a sad thing on a whole.

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