I’m Not You. I’m Me Who Is Just Like You.

There was a time long ago that I’ve always thought that I was alone in the world. Whatever I felt, whatever I went through, whatever I did, it would be a road that only I walk in life. Things are a little different now though. I still think that whatever I go through in life is something completely unique to me…but as for the rest of it. I’m not alone. Not by a long shot.

It’s somewhat amusing, comforting and in many ways annoying to hear, word for word, the things that other people in your “position” say about themselves. On one hand, you could just predict the what they are going to say next and how they are going to say it that you just complete their monologues with a certain amount of “ho-humness”.

On the other hand, being through a lot of what they are saying, it does give a certain sense of painful recollections of what you had to go through to pull yourself to the person you are now and with them not being able to cope in the way that you have makes you feel like slapping them repeatedly while shouting “WILL. YOU. GET. A. GRIP. ON. YOURSELF. YOU. SELF. PITIFUL. NOOB!?”. Instead I just sigh and keep going along with them as they spill their hearts out. Who said I’m not growing up?

But as amusing as it is or as annoying as it is. You got to remember that pain is still pain. Everyone deals with pain differently. Everyone has different thresholds for pain. Some could go through torture their entire lives without saying a word. Some, well…they…well…they’ll learn that life’s like that…eventually.

The things that I have said, the things that I have done…it isn’t to make you feel better about yourself. No. It isn’t to take away the pain that you feel. No. It isn’t to make you feel empowered. No. Of all the things I have said and done, it is to make sure that you burden you carry, that pain that you feel right now, is less real than it should be.

No one can take away your pain. No one can carry your cross for you. But for as long as there are people who care for you, there is always a way to believe that what you go through in life isn’t as bad as it seems. There is always a way to keep going on knowing that everyone else carries in them the burden and pain of life. Maybe then, you’ll stop seeing that life is the miserable road you walk on now…and start enjoying the small things that make life worth going on for.

4 thoughts on “I’m Not You. I’m Me Who Is Just Like You.

  1. Karina: It’s amazing how at one point, we all speak the same language in life. Think the same thoughts. I wonder why we always say we’re alone when clearly we are not. 🙂

  2. Our tolerance to pain changes depending on the stresses we carry at the time. Sometimes all we need is to unburden. It still changes nothing fo the situation but it makes us feel so much better. Even passive listening or blogging can help to some extent.

  3. Letting it out by sharing always makes it seem a little better Chickybabe. Though I have the feeling that our tolerance depends on our experience in life, especially between how wealthy or poor we are. What we have gone through before gives us new perspective on things especially later in life. Makes us who we are…as bloggers and as people.

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