In Search Of Those Little Pleasures

Throughout my life, I’ve always been so sure of what I want. I’m a survivor. I think it’s a common code of all survivors to have to know what they have to do to get to the places they need to. It’s not surprising that I turned out as ambitious as I am, doing whatever it takes to climb that ladder at any cost. On many levels, I know it’s all worth it. That regardless of how much people make or how far ahead of life they have already gone, I’m still one leg better than a lot of my peers.

Just that I’m beginning to realize that regardless of my own self actualization. Knowing your own purpose in life doesn’t always mean you know what you like or don’t like. Knowing yourself is kind of like a yardstick that puts in you in a better position to reach out and do the things that you do best. It doesn’t mean that all the experiences have to be set in stone. It just means that you better understand why you prefer certain things and how you can best put the events all around you to good use.

For a long time, I know what I can do and what I should do. What I forgot was finding out what it was I like to do. I’ve been so focused on reaching the stepping stones, learning from the mistakes I’ve made then that I failed to take the moments to indulge in my own whims now. If personal experiences make our lives richer on account of their ever constant redefinition of our reality, then I’ve probably missed the point many times.

It’s about time I took to finding out the things I enjoy rather than the things I have to do to avoid the mistakes I made in life. Instead of always finding a way out of a constant stream of problems, I should probably find a way to the things I might like that I’m not aware of now.

After all, given that there is always a never ending struggle to overcome our own personal hardship, there is no reason why we shouldn’t throw a little joy and pleasure into the mix. Even if it’s just for a while, a wanting smile in between can make all the difference.

7 thoughts on “In Search Of Those Little Pleasures

  1. That’s the plan Cléa. To find out what it is that I can relax to. To find out what those little pleasure are for me.

  2. Well, i can pretty much relate to what you are feeling. I was once so engrossed in building stepping stones and forgotten what i really enjoy in life. Considered that, i was too afraid to step outside of my comfort zone, and explore other the other parts of the life.

    Recently, i just discovered i actually enjoying working out in gym. My family members ask me why, the only answer i can gave them is, i’m addicted to the endrophine rush.

    Oh well, i guess, sometime, we should take a step out of our bubble, and take a good look over ourselves. What really kept us going to for our ultimate goal in life, and what really motivate us. What is the real pleasure and what’s not for us…

    It is life….can’t complain, i am already very grateful that i am alive.

  3. That’s great for you then. I’m not the type that goes to gyms nor do I full understand the gym culture. It’s not the kind of atmosphere that I would buy into (I should write about this sometime). Long before this though, I used to get my adrenaline rush from extreme sports. Whether it be rollerblading dangerously or careening down dirt trails, I never felt more alive dancing near death and I got the scars and fractures to prove it. Can’t do that where I am though due to geographical disadvantages. But you get the idea.

    Maybe it’s not as much a bubble for me as it is a perspective for you. I never know what new problems I might face and I have faced problems beyond my usual comfort zone throughout, whether I want to or not. So in my case, it’s about looking at the other end. Rather than the purpose I was meant to do in life, but the perks that I would like to look at. It doesn’t change my motivation or what I do, but it sure as hell should make it a little bit less tiring.

  4. There are not many people out there that are sure of what they want. They kind of drift through life and take it as they go. Then they are people like you who are focused and driven by their goals. I wish I belong somewhere in the middle. I want to be motivated and focused but not to the point where I am oblivious to the little pleasures in life. I want to enjoy my ride to the top. 😉

  5. Maybe it’s easier to decide where exactly do you stand and make the best of it from there. Regardless of whether we go with the flow or just ambitious, at least we would know what it is we can compensate for. That’s a start.

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