Life Unplugged

Like a singer who proved their worth by singing without the help of fancy electronics. Sometimes all we need to do to know our worth is by halting all that we rely on and take a walk around what’s important in life. In my case, to just get up and go without prior notice, away from the comforts of my own zone, to just goof off with people who have come to know me as a friend.

The good thing about being out here, unplanned and unremarked is that sometimes you find yourself a new perspective on things you’ve been struggling with on a daily life. It might not be the solution to all your problems, but at least it will give you a chance to pick out the ones you can solve and in theory let you learn something new you never thought you could do. Me being me at least, finding something new is a very tempting offer.

But it all boils down to why not? Why not be out there. Why not live a real world with real people? As important as every contact is on my list, I cannot live on the net forever. I can’t put food on the table. I can’t place a roof over my head with it. I can’t raise a family from it. Not without sacrificing the love of what I do and promises I’ve yet to keep.

No, the world I plug myself in is the place I come to in order to hide away from a world I know I have to face one way or another. Even if we can’t stand the blood stained tears of the real world, doesn’t give us the right to hide away from it forever. We all have a responsibility to face and even if we take it on slowly, what matters is we still take it on. Even if we don’t like it, even if we’re scared of it, it doesn’t stop the duty nonetheless.

So I was away, but I’m back. If only for a while. If only to remember that life out there is still more important than the one in here. I was away and I would think that I would be away more often as the days past.

2 thoughts on “Life Unplugged

  1. Well, I do have to remind myself that it has to be balanced. Can’t have too much of a good thing. It gets sickly sweet at the end of it.

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