Lost In The Sea Of Pretentious Information

As the days go by, I’ve become increasingly lost in today’s pop culture and current affairs, both on a local and on a global stage, some by conscious choice, most because I simply do not care.

You can talk about your reality TV shows and some people are complete idiots…but I don’t care.

You can talk about your politics and your opinion about how the other side are idiots…but I don’t care.

You can talk about your rediscovery of something that has been around for a long time. You can talk about your half assed attempt for something you don’t understand in order game the system. You can even talk about nothing at all.

But I just do not care.

I have spent the last 4 years of my life separated from that pretentious misuse of information. I have spent the last 4 years of my life separating myself from your world so caught up with the popularity of the moment. I have spent the last few 4 years of my life building something I can rely on my own two hands. The reality of which comes down to this.

Many of you talk about the now as if you matter to it. As if you had your hand in it. But you don’t. You do it because it makes you feel important when in reality, you aren’t. Yet you keep doing it, yet you keep building a world that only makes sense because other people do it as well.

That’s why I won’t subscribe to it. I won’t subscribe to the same ideals, the same hollow views. I couldn’t stomach it then and I doubt I can stomach being there again.

I may be lost in the worlds that feed upon. Unable to comment upon the things that really don’t matter. But I have my world to live in. Something at least I can call my own, with a reality to walk upon, powerplays that you can thrive on, new things that people never heard off, exploits you pull off with purpose and tenacity and an opinion that has everything and nothing at all.

I have that and I call it my own. Maybe you’re the one that’s lost and I’m the one that knows exactly where he’s standing.

6 thoughts on “Lost In The Sea Of Pretentious Information

  1. I don’t care much for man of the things you mention. I pick and choose (most) of te information I want, filtering out the mundane that seems to entice so many. Each to their own, but no thanks.

  2. I can’t help it though. It just keeps coming and I can’t shut it out. One way or another I’m going to know. One way or another, it’s just another useless piece of information in my head.

  3. I think I used to write posts like this…

    I think I understand the point you’re trying to make, but without specifics I really can’t tell. If indeed it’s about all the trivia that others are focused on, then I generally agree with Cléa. You have to learn to filter out only what you want to know. There’s a great deal of information that doesn’t matter to a great number of people. That’s been true for centuries and it won’t go change just because we want it to. You’ve just got to focus on what you’re interested in and ignore all that you aren’t.

    Also, I’d say that knowing the latest about a pop star or new technology doesn’t prevent you from also knowing more interesting and relevant things in your life. Knowing a “useless piece of information” doesn’t prevent you from knowing a ton of useful information.

  4. The latter works for me at least and is the reason why I’ve never completely ignored every little detail. There is a point to everything. I just have to make sense of it. At least I feel I have to make sense of it. It’s like an incomplete dotted picture. Because you don’t have everything, it doesn’t make sense. It’s just too random. Until all the pieces fall together.

  5. sounds like you need help.

    instead of everyone is unimportant, i think everyone should be important. we cannot live in isolation.

  6. People are as important as they want to be. But that’s not what I’m talking about here. There is no importance in the details of what’s to know. Much less the people that put it out there to begin with.

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