Malaysia’s Electoral Victory Is Its Spoils Of War

Truthfully, I did not see it coming this fast. Oh yes, I would have given it another 4 years, but as last Saturday’s decisive election shows, a lot of citizens in Malaysia want change and they want it now. While the current governing body Barisan Nasional, still reigns in control, they no longer hold 2/3 the majority seating at parliament. The biggest loss in 4 decades. Which brings me to the next question for all of Malaysia. What’s next?

Right now, speculations of Malaysia’s governmental body being bipartisan is starting to come true. With a lot key politicians that the public believes to be corrupt and prejudiced, out of the game, it would seem that the vote for future of Malaysia might see a lot of silver lining. The catch is that in change, anything can happen and the thing about politics is that it’s the prostitution of intellect.

I still believe at least, that the root problems of Malaysia isn’t the governing body but every single citizen that forms the nation. I believe that while Saturday’s election while historic to say the least, was perhaps done for the wrong reasons and for that, Malaysia might still limp along.

I for one don’t really believe that Malaysia will change that much. At least again, not so fast. The kind of change that would see Malaysia through would need a focused goal supported by everyone. With people voting for a party rather than an individual person because they believe the current government is all corrupt, they’d have denied the people that could have made a difference.

What I am worried a least is that in this victory, there are the spoils of war and who consolidates what is going to be fought over in the near future. At this stage at least, I still have this inkling of a thought that it’s every ideal for themselves. Even if voted individuals are going to put their own personal agendas aside, it is the party’s ideals that would come into friction against each other.

Yet I am willing to give benefit of the doubt. Chances of change like this do not happen very often and even if people voted change for the wrong reasons, it wouldn’t mean that the eventual outcome will be bad. People are starting to realize that they can make a change, I’m just waiting for the time when Malaysia’s citizens realize that they can make the change without waiting to put someone else in power to do the job for them.

Where Malaysia goes from here, I cannot say. But I can say this, every elected government is a mirror of the citizens that put them in power. Whatever happens isn’t just the responsibility of the people higher up, but the responsibility of the people that supported them. While many Malaysians now conclude that the rest is up to the newly elected governing body and are not going back to their normal lives. I say that the future of Malaysia is still up to every single citizen that wants to make something better in their life.

This isn’t over yet. This is only the beginning. I hope more people will begin to realize that for themselves.

2 thoughts on “Malaysia’s Electoral Victory Is Its Spoils Of War

  1. The heart of the matter is that we, the Malaysian citizens, must be vigilant ourselves and jealously guard our rights. Regardless of the political system, an apathetic electorate only encourage oppression. We have started something on Saturday and now we must work at it.

  2. And that’s how it should be. Everyone needs to start from their individual lifestyle itself, not just at moments like this. When Malaysian citizens start there, elections would just be a passing formality.

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